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Action Packed Movie

Aidan1 Flicks Superstar (?)

This was fantastic and tense at the same time and was really exciting. It's nice to see Mark Whalberg in another action movie he hasn't done anything like that since The Itailan Job. Really fun 5 Stars


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RealityCheck Flicks Superstar (?)

Yup, its pretty good, lots of action, good music, good acting (mostly).. So kinda left a 'good' taste in my mouth, not sure what else to say. In parts seemed familar to 'Gone in 60sec', 'Next Three Days' and the bad (miss-understood-really-a-good-guy) main hero does what is right, even tho its wrong, but not that wrong... Anyway, I've seen much worse, and this is, well good I guess, in a Hollywood, suburban, kinda way...
Genre : Action, drama, drug
2/5 : was just kinda good, not that much empathy for characters, build up or anything


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extract from theaterofthecommonman.com extract from theaterofthecommonman.com

TheaterofCommon Flicks Superstar (?)

extract from theaterofthecommonman.com

Contraband does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a movie, it's rated 16 and it shows Marky Mark busting people up inside their heads. Billed as an 'Action Thriller', there was certainly enough action to keep the bonehead bogans occupying the cinema's back row, satisfied. The thrills however were less than forthcoming.

Yet another example of big Hollywood's rabid appetite for eating its young, Contraband takes the successful 2008 Icelandic flick Reykjavik-Rotterdam and swallows it whole. The film that is spit out reeks of the hackneyed big studio money magnetism we have come to expect at this time of year. With awards season almost at a close, it's time to dive into the b-movie money makers Hollywood seems to save up for the proverbial rainy days.


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What could have been

Josef A-Lister (?)

This film could have been a cracker! The idea looked great and the trailer did a good job of dragging me along as soon as it was released. What a pity the film didn't quite deliver what could have been. The result is one of those films you might rent out from the video store when there is nothing else to watch.


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Muggles Smuggle

adamatdramatrain Flicks Superstar (?)

A cracking thriller, this US remake of of the Icelandic movie 'Reykjavik-Rotterdam' (2008) resets the action in New Orleans and should please fans of Marky Mark Wahlberg who like to see him get all blue-collar-criminal-trying-to-go-straight. Wahlberg plays the ex-smuggler forced to smuggle again with the type of conviction he displayed in 'Four Brothers' and 'The Fighter' and it's great to see Kate Beckinsale play his wife sans heavy make-up and tight 'Underworld' PVC pants. 'Avatar's Giovanni Ribisi plays the convincingly psychotic bad guy and Ben Foster (of 'Pandorum, '3:10 To Yuma' 'Alpha Dog' but, for me, he'll always be Russell from TV's 'Six Feet Under') plays Wahlberg's best buddy with his usual relish. The superb supporting cast are ably joined by J.K. Simmons, Lukas Haas and Diego Luna in a well-shot movie, directed by Baltasar Kormakur, the actor who played the lead in the original Icelandic film. Yes, it's all a bit old hat, and the "twist" can be guessed from three fathoms, but it's all handled without pretention in a suitably gritty style that keeps the tension ratcheted up. Well worth a watch - as is the original 'Reykjavik-Rotterdam.'

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