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I Don't Know How She Does It, Movie

I Don't Know How She Does It 2011

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Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this romantic comedy as Kate, a Boston-based working mum juggling marriage, her kids and a high-stress job as a finance executive. Based on Allison Pearson's best selling 'chick lit' novel of the same name. More

The perfect storm hits when Kate gets a big promotion that will require frequent trips to New York and her architect husband (Greg Kinnear) also wins the job he'd been hoping for. Both are spread even thinner and priorities become blurred. Further complications arise when Kate's charming new business associate Jack (Pierce Brosnan) begins to prove an unexpected source of temptation. Hide

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    What say you?

    • Honey Ryder

      Looks good!:)

    • Just Me

      Hmmm... might be a rental viewing.

    • Selma

      If this kind of sh#te is "chick-lit" I must be a dude.

    • Lexicon


    • larissa


    • Alex

      my god it's just Carrie narrating, ew and terrible fourth-wall breaking

    • Kate

      Can't stand SJP...but the book was fabulous.

    • Jenni

      Book was awesome... but should be set in LONDON and I don't like SJP

    • Jen


    • Lisa

      no. what a waste of time making it.

    • LizLemon

      I'd totally go see this if I didn't have to watch some paint dry.

    • bad movie

      really bad movie dont waste your money seeing this one

    • immpressd

      hu nows i may b in d muvi theatre next week watching dis

    • te waiora

      looks good!:)

    • Sarah

      Really enjoyed it. Story of my life!


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American upper class blah blah!

Gerd Flicks Superstar (?)

A society which dumps there old citizens out of the ambulance onto the sidewalk to die should have other problems than those of a handful of rich creeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Don't Know How She Does It

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Press Reviews

17% of critics recommend

Consensus: "A limp comedy with a hopelessly outdated viewpoint on gender, featuring Sarah Jessica Parker in rote Carrie-mode."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
A.V. Club (USA)

The film is another hoary exploration of the pressures of modern womanhood. Full review.

Entertainment Weekly (USA)

I don't know why she does it. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

Sarah Jessica Parker gets the job done in this briskly workable, if thoroughly conventional, domestic comedy. Full review.

New York Times

I Don’t Know How She Does It seems stuck in the past. Full review.

The Guardian (UK)

It's bright, glossy and professionally put together, while the cast at least play it like they mean it. Full review.

The Observer (UK)

The film is embarrassingly unfunny, its social observations coarse and dated. Full review.

The Telegraph (UK)

The humour has become broader and the central character softer, but, in Parker’s nimbly comic performance, she retains her essence. Full review.

Time (USA)

The movie reflects an idealised version of someone failing. Full review.

USA Today

Though it aims to be a sharply humorous look at the mommy wars, it has nothing remotely new or comical in its arsenal. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Feels out of step with contemporary reality and humorless in its adaptation of a comic bestseller. Full review.