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Oceans, Movie

Oceans (Océans) 2009

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A Disney Nature ecological documentary, filmed throughout the globe's mighty oceans. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan. More

A meditation on the vanishing, weird and wonderful creatures of the aquatic world, Oceans sets out to meet the creatures of the sea and to show how prodigiously it teems with life. From giant whales, angry sharks, giant jellyfish to living fossils that call the deepest ocean beds home, Oceans boasts stunning deep-water photography utilising the latest underwater technologies. Hide

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    • SARAH

      Looks gorgeous...

    • Iris

      How beautiful the ocean is when man is not a part of it

    • hannah

      how come we're getting it a year late? looks awesome

    • maya

      Is this movie like avatar?

    • Mikee

      Itz not realy likee Avatar being real not fiction but itz defiantly worth the money to see!!

    • Dutch

      A must see, some scenes will blow you away...


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  • Matthew Roscoe

    You are too kind. The lack of any cohesion is ridiculous and the monologue is so bad that Mr Brosnan sounds embarrassed to be reading it.

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Rebecca Barry Hill Flicks Writer

Oceans is as grand and loosely defined as its title. Ambitious and awe-inspiring, yes. Deep as the Pacific, no. First and foremost it's a triumph to look at. Its French filmmakers spent months tracking their underwater stars using the best new digital cameras, editing it with a view to keep the pace artfully maintained, as though they were in congruence with the oceans' swells and tides. Even for those who've overdosed on late-night wildlife porn, the team's voyeurism was rewarded by some unique, Oscar-winning performances: warrior-like crabs swarming on Australia's ocean floor, fish slipping into the folds of sharks' gills, dolphins voluntarily spinning through the air as though delivering a performance at an aquatic park. More

If it wasn't for this stunning imagery, you could almost forgive the film for its not-so-subtle flaws: it leaps around the globe from South America to Africa, Australia and the South Pole with more gay abandon than a curious cuttlefish, lacking in context, narrative and purpose. Why are there so many crabs all charging in different directions? We don't get to find out. Instead we get Pierce Brosnan reading a script so saccharine it deserves to be sucked into a whirlpool.

"The ocean draws its secrets close," he sighs, as darkness encroaches. The sporadic eco-messages also feel like token additions. "The question is not, 'what is the ocean but who are we?’” he concludes rhetorically, nonsensically, as the closing credits explode into a tune that ruins the natural poetry of the film. That's a shame because, visually, Oceans speaks for itself. Hide

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Narration nightmare, otherwise amazing

Shaali Nobody (?)

The photography in this movie is utterly amazing. You've seen it all before but here it has drama at all scales. Some sequences even haunt - the spider crabs in "Melbourne Bay" ...woooo, the extraordinary film of a walrus carrying her pup into the water and a leopard seal doing the same. You have to stand back from - block your ears - the cheesy dialogue script read by Pierce Brosnan and just watch. Take ear plugs perhaps?


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a visual feast for the family

freshdude Flicks Superstar (?)

Jus dive in and admire the spectacle of the Sea creatures ... the narrative is rather irrelevant, pictures speak a thousand words.
But the one thing that I did not like at all is the end credit choice of song ... way to Dysney-ish, and a spoiler in my opinion.
But don't get put off by it , it is a fascinating journey into a vanishing world.


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Very Impressive and moving film

PaulC Nobody (?)

Sure it was simple but some beautiful footage and a message which will get through to a lot of people.
Saw some interesting creatures I hadnt seen before.


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MikeD Nobody (?)

Some fantastic footage - such as a diver swimming alongside the Great White - but the rest is just fluff. You'll learn more about the oceans in an episode of Spongebob than you will in this entire 84 minute arthouse flick. (To qualify as a Documentary there needs to be some kind of information passed on to the viewer.)

However if you're having trouble sleeping, hire this when it's out on DVD and the soothing tones of Brosnan's voice, combined with the sounds of the underwater world will lull you to sleep in no time.


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Press Reviews

Hollywood Reporter

What "Winged Migration" did for birds, Oceans does for all sorts of strange sea creatures in an ambitious, impressively filmed documentary. Full review.

Los Angeles Times

Once Oceans' exhilarating visuals get going, it's easy to ignore the words. This really is a film that manages to show us things we've never seen and make what we have already seen look different and new. Full review.

New York Times

The filmmakers work tirelessly to parallel their undersea world with the larger universe, offering genteel reminders of our mutual dependence. Full review.

TVNZ (Darren Bevan)

Funny, touching, and amazing, Oceans truly is a majestic piece of cinema, which really needs to be seen on the big screen. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Though there's a formlessness to it all, the wow factor will thrill the "Earth" crowd, making Oceans a surefire bet for families and nature lovers. Full review.