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Snow White and the Huntsman, Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012

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Retelling of the Brothers Grimm Snow White fairy tale starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Charlize Theron (Prometheus) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). More

Stewart is Snow White, the only person in the land fairer than the Evil Queen (Theron). A threat to her reign, the Queen dispatches a huntsman (Hemsworth) to kill her. Instead of carrying out the job, the Huntsman sides with White and mentors her in the art of war. The pair then embark on a quest to vanquish the Queen.

The great cast also includes Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Toby Jones, Bob Hopskins, Eddie Marsan and Nick Frost as the dwarves. Hide

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  • 77 %

    Want to See it

    What say you?

    • Devo

      This one could go either way, but I hope.

    • Michael

      Could be awful or good, but kristen is a goddess and so i hope that it is good

    • Simple

      Cant wait to watch her chew that juicy apple

    • Jasmine

      Uuuhhh! Kristen Stewart's facial expression is the same for every film!

    • larissa

      not a fan of kirsten but good to see snow white kick ass for once!

    • Kirk

      Kristen Stewart, hotter (fairer) than Charlize Theron?...never in a million years.

    • ashlee

      that looks so cooooooollllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • hillary

      can't wait to see what accent kristen stewart doesn't pull off. thor and charlize's were both a bit iffy!

    • Tania1

      Good sounds any one know who they are

    • Sophie Ferris

      Shopqueen very red ridinghood, yes please

    • glydaytrietry

      that trailer looks boss...but notice how Kristin Stewart doesn't ever speak...

    • lolly pop

      LOOKS AMAZING AND O M G!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nic w

      where are the little ones???

    • alibalibee

      probably watch it JUST for the huntsman. He can hunt me anytime!

    • Tania1

      He can hunt you but I'd let him catch me

    • Vee

      It's not just about the "CHICK" dick!!!!

    • tugger

      charlize theron, that is all

    • Mark

      Fine trailer, just no evidence it will be a good movie. I'm also with Kirk on this one. Why didn't they get a beauty instead of trendy.

    • Nat

      maybe they should have chosen an ugly queen instead of Charlie - Snow white has no chance in my opinion

    • Liana-Kelly

      looks similar to game of thrones and i love that series. Yes will see this movie

    • Matt Butler

      OMFG this looks amazing

    • Daela-Sanelivi

      looked so bloody good till you see the twilight chick... but she can act so I'm going for a watch..

    • MDR

      Yikes!! That's a loooong way from Walt Disney - gotta see it.

    • reetz


    • Community

      looks cool. Go chalize! (shame about kirsten tho, am I the only one who thinks she boring?

    • AConroy

      If Kirsten acts anything like she did on breaking dawn Ill love it. THOR: another reason to watch ;)

    • jazza

      Looking forward to seeing this, and Kristen looks great :-)

    • Ashlea - Helen

      OMG i cant wait to see this seriously nxt year? too long this movie looks incredible.

    • Twihard


    • Marieeee

      if it wern't for kristen this movie would be great!! but probly still gonna see it.

    • Deb

      I agree with Marieeee - we will see it despite Kristen.

    • Cookie

      Everything looks good except for Snow Flake

    • hokeypanky

      This looks awesome, gives Twihards another film to look forward to as well.

    • Laura

      All you people who are dissing Kritstenare retards. She could act way better than you any day. So shutup and stop commenting

    • Libby

      Great to see KStew in something different. Looks pretty good. Look forward to seeing it!

    • Charlotte

      Looks excessively creepy. A queen who eats peopel to become more beautiful??? ermmm won't be watching.

    • georgia

      amazing cast, very exciting :)

    • Nathan

      This Movie looks cool and its on my birthday which is so cool!

    • aimee

      this looks amazing but the casting other than charlize is a bit of a let down.

    • Amsterdam

      ''lips red as blood, hair black as night. Bring me your heart my dear dear Snow White" I like that.

    • BLee

      "Mirror Mirror on the wall...." Charlize as in the book is using an occult technique of SCRYING.

    • Redrooster

      looks to be an ok fantasy tale with some good FX thrown in for good measure

    • billbot

      looks good until you see kristen stewart

    • Esta*


    • Snow White hater

      oh dear looks soooo chesey

    • Motomoto

      This trailer is loading ridiculously slowly. Doesn't look good on 1st impression

    • dinx

      A must watch

    • Reed


    • Berta

      I agree mean

    • badnad

      Have to see this. Hell with the original Snow White!

    • glydaytrietry

      looks badass, i just hope Kstew decides to act with some emotion and facial expression

    • larissa

      YUSSS snow white is no longer weak and sleepy!!!!!!

    • Keera.

      Yes! i agree with larissa...... i reckon kristen stewart looks alot better in this. oooooh cant wait

    • Julie

      Looks awesome, love Kristen, can't wait.

    • jazza

      Can't wait, this looks SO good

    • Matt

      By the souls of Jesus and Chuck Norris! Please Please Please Kristian! Dont screw this up!

    • theresa

      matt is gay O.o

    • leelee

      I'm so there.

    • daniel

      Too my surprise this could be worth a look.

    • Phil

      So there's even an imaginary world where Kristen is fairer than Charlize?

    • gissygrl

      Sensational, book me a seat

    • Community

      EPIC! charlize looks like shes does evil really well.. (i actually stopped watching the trailer - it gives away too much!

    • Rawiri

      Will book me a seat

    • anonymous

      Charlize theron is hotter than Kristen Stewart...maybe the roles should have been reversed? lol

    • Tasha

      hard out for Kristen Stewart she rocks??

    • nana

      I can't wait to see charlize..she's awesome

    • Kat

      Just won tickets - cant wait to see this movie!

    • taalerious

      Cant wait to watch it purely for Charlene .Not only beautiful but such an incredible actress

    • Rosi

      I've been waiting for this one fo sooo long...!!! Happy I almost get to see it...finally...!!!

    • jade

      i really waaant to see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really waaant to see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Holly

      This Movie looks amazing! looking forward to seeing it tmrw :)

    • Bored

      Awful movie. I really though hard about walking out but $11 of my investment prevented me. 2hours lost forever!!!

    • RexH

      My god, did we see the same movie? For me this was two hours of pleasure! And I'll definitely be seeing it again

    • esita

      i really want to see whos got free tickets for me to go and watch the movie please i would be please

    • Kiara

      Really really really really really wanna see itand twilight saga breaking dawn part two!!!!!

    • Sesn

      Can't wait to see this movie and can't wait for Twilight Breaking Dawn to come out in October :)

    • Juricz

      Omg! watching this tommorow. can't wait:-)

    • madison

      AMAZING movie!!!

    • Marinaca


    • Emma

      Can't wait!!! and it doesn't matter who the actors are!!!

    • Aurora

      Very few good moments. Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron just didn't cut the mustard in this film. Pretty average

    • Kim Quartly

      I just saw the shorts and it looks so so good... cant wait to go see it. hope the ground is still while we in the theatre


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  • RexH

    Didn't mind the length... Things did get a little off-track with the introduction of fairies and bunniesv though

  • Zac-Young

    Wait - 'forthcoming sequel'? Please, for the love of all things holy, tell me that was an ironic quip.

  • Ed-Flicks

    @Zac... not 100%, but reports say Universal Studio and director will return. The script is already being written.


    havnt seen it yet... but it looks AWESOME!!!



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Matt Glasby Flicks Writer

Since Lord Of The Rings there have been two persistent trends in fantasy cinema: More

1. No matter how facile the material, anything involving swords and/or sorcery can get made.

2. All the British actors who missed the LOTR gravy train want in.

Ticking both boxes, Rupert Sanders’ Brothers Grimm reboot features an extraordinary troupe of UK males (Hoskins, Winstone, McShane etc) – as the dwarves! And for an hour, it’s as much fun to watch as they are, bickering and boozing like old muckers.

Stewart is passable as the whey-faced eterni-virgin, as is her English accent; while Hemsworth, as the rugged Huntsman, opts for a Gerard Butler/Sean Connery burr that hides a multitude of sins.

Star of the show, however, is Theron’s wicked stepmother, who seethes with barely contained sexual jealousy – just one of the many surprisingly adult aspects of a film that’s heady with implied violence and sublimated sauce. One scene has Theron bathing in milk that coats her skin like Dulux, and when Stewart gets lost in a blasted forest, it’s a druggie nightmare of rotting birds and scuttling scarab beetles.

It can’t last. No matter how impressive the visuals, two hours is far too long for a story this thin, and genre conventions ultimately snuff out the joys. The dwarves are sidelined in favour of rousing speeches – neither Stewart nor Hemsworth’s forte – and the final battle could have been ripped from a Narnia flick.

Perhaps they’ll redress the balance in the forthcoming sequel. If there are any British thesps left to star in it, that is. Hide

The People's Reviews


13 ratings and 13 reviews


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It was ok

mgreen Nobody (?)

There was alot of action, Theron was outstanding in her role as the wicked stepmother and I loved that whole make believe fairy tale story of good verses evil.


comment / reply

Great Movie

Chris-Brabant Nobody (?)

Stunning visuals and great storyline ! . The acting is mediocre, but when you're wrapped up in the movie because of the action and fast pace then this is of minor consequence.

A great movie for adults and teens alike - if you don't like this genre and know you wont like it - simply don'y go see it !


comment / reply


Crystal-Garchow Nobody (?)

This is a great movie to see, there is heaps of action and a love story with a twist. A Must see movie, and for the ladies there are some hot guys in this movie. The costume department outdid themselves with the dresses Charlize Theron wore.


comment / reply

It's a fairytale!

Wice Flicks Superstar (?)

It's a fairytale. Don't expect more and you won't be disappointed. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman. Loved the 'wow' affects but 'woe is me' over Kirsten Stewart;s performance She seemed so awkward most of the time that her pretty little face was merely contorted into a very plain, if not ugly look of puzzlement rather than the required emotions. Charlize Theron was awesome as Queen Ravenna and Sam Spruell as her brother didn't do a bad job either with his hideous haircut adding to his sinister air. There was much more action than I expected but it was not bloody or gruesome, simply energetic and pacing! In contrast, there was little romance either. I made me think guys proably would like the movie too. For me, it was just the sort of entertainment I neededa ta the time to take meaway from the world for an our two, suspend my reality and just enjoy a bit of fantasy.


  • Katy

    OMG.....cant wait 2 see dis moviie 2 moro......:p...sad its not in 3D

comment / reply

Don't Mess With The Queen

GrahamP Flicks Superstar (?)

Yes,it is a fairytale for adults!It is a shame that the script is poorly written and struggles at times to flow.Kristen Stewart who acts in the Twilight movies is Snow White.She does her best with the script and what she has to work with but she just did not create the right image for the part.
The real plus for this movie is the evil queen.Her strong acting skills almost carries the movie on her own.She has a connection with the audience that nobody else has.The visuals are superb with a dark and evil presence
Well worth a look.


  • BEN


comment / reply

This Is A Pretty Decent Apple

Jordan Flicks Superstar (?)

In a time where the market seems to be booming with a second coming of the fairytale, another retelling of the story of "Snow White" graces the box office with a darker tone and "Thor", "Bella Swan" and Charlize Theron leading an ensemble cast to it's end.

This is the tale of "Snow White And The Huntsman".

While the story follows it's typical path, the "fairest of them all" Snow White (Kristen Stewart) finds herself locked away by the Evil Queen, Ravenna (Theron). Upon escaping, she is set upon by the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) under task from the Queen, who through discovery finds everything doesn't appear to be what it seems.
As the fight for the kingdom begins, Snow finds a fellowship in the Seven Dwarves (Played by a who's who of English talent with Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost), her heart and that cursed apple.

While the story isn't anything revolutionary, especially as it's an adaptation of an age-old story, it does tell the story in a fresh way. And the visuals help with great use of the environment, some great sets and the dwarves being a standout with how they were created (Though this did get them in trouble with the Little People Of America).
The cast is strong, with Hemsworth continuing his rise as the fantastical hero, Stewart as the damsel with a great job at producing an English accent, and Theron providing the dramatic moments (At times these seem OVERLY so and broke some of more tense scenes).

Overall, this is a great retelling of a classic fairytale, and a most decent apple indeed.


  • yeah

    fu*k no.

comment / reply

Better than anticipated

KatieF Flicks Superstar (?)

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. Kristen Stewart was great as Snow White as was Charlize Theron as the queen. I'm not so sure about Chris Hemsworth though, I still just see him as Kim from 'Home and Away'. I thought the visual effects were great although wasn't too keen on those weird fairies. If you're a 'Twilight' fan it is a great watch, but it's also one of those movies you can only watch a few times, not over and over.
Hopefully that was a more positive review, it seems this movie hasn't got too many of those.


  • Susy.

    aww, that's sad.

comment / reply

But, but, but. . .

HMJ A-Lister (?)

If you didn't notice the horses, you may add a star.
For those who don't know. Horses that know they are going to fall raise their heads. Well trained stunt horses can fall spectacularly on cue, even landing on mark and holding still as required.
Twice I saw horses being forcibly yanked to the ground in the battle charge.
As for the white steed carried Snow White into the swamp. That horse was tripped using a wire. That's the only way to get that fall on cue and mark. Potentially fatal, even into a mud pool. It soured the whole movie for me.
As for the rest of it. Despite Charlize Theron's stand out performance it was just the wrong kind of silly. I didn't mind how it often looked like other movies but it had many nonsensical moments. Like Snow White, imprisoned since childhood, displaying considerable athleticism, equestrian skills and trousers during her escape.
At least Mirror Mirror came across as deliberately silly. An spoofy bit of fun for those in the mood.


comment / reply

No more faeces please

Manie-Clout Wannabe (?)

as movies go it was OK but it would be made better if they cut the scenes where the dwarfs make repeated reference to their own faeces ( " sending a log down the river" and "that looks like one of mine" being the two most forgettable). The only stars for this movie are the ones I saw after I rammed my own head against the wall in a vain attempt to forget it.


  • JayC4Shaw

    Didn't help I watched a brilliant episode of Game of Thrones prior to watching. Now THAT is a great medieval piece of work!

comment / reply

I never thought the brilliant acting history of Charlize Theron could be tainted thus...

JayC4Shaw Flicks Superstar (?)

If you want to see a good movie in this current movie season, you'd be better off going to see Brave. Expectations fell short. Charlize Theron does not suit her evil and melodramatic role as the queen (though in the trailers she is stunning) and some moments in the movie are like "Why?" Why so tense, over the smallest things? And, why is Snow the only one riding into battle without a helmet? Just, Why? I think all the right elements are there, it was simply a case of choosing the wrong director for this movie. Too epic in places when it is not important to the plot and to ad-hoc in parts which I thought were vital to the development of the storyline.

One last thing: There are many snort-worthy moments in this film that I can see the "How it should have ended" writers going crazy over. So out of all of this at least one good thing to come of it is a 3 minute ROFL over the next HISHE clip on youtube.


comment / reply


CSBright Flicks Superstar (?)

it was good i though it was going to be way better but if you really wanna see it go see it because evryone has there own opinions and you might enjoy it


comment / reply

Consume her heart...

RexH Flicks Superstar (?)

After the fantasy romcom of "Mirror, Mirror", this version reverts to the original Grimm story, at least in part (the first 20 or so minutes follow the Grimm version quite closely). But there's a strong Arthurian strain running through this adaptation as well. I was reminded of John Boorman's "Excalibur" more than once, especially in the cinematography, which is beautifully handled. The sequence in the Dark Wood is a superb piece of nightmare - worthy of Tim Burton and certainly not for younger viewers; and the troll sequence was unexpected but satisfying. What didn't appeal so much - and what I was hoping wouldn't happen - was the fantasy sequence with fairies, forest spirits and cute animals (a nod to Disney?). Luckily it was well-executed and thankfully didn't drag on. I did like tree-antlered elk, though (reminiscent of the forest spirit in Princess Mononoke).

Overall, I found this film to be a great adventure tale well told, well executed and well acted. It's simple, straightforward and moves along at a generous pace. It's inevitable that viewers should draw comparisons between "Snow White" and other recent fantasy films - they all follow common themes after all, but for me, this outing holds its own more than adequately.
All the actors give competent performances, the stand-out being Charlise Theron as the evil queen. Hemswoth does a creditable job as the Huntsman, though struggles with what sounds like an Irish accent. He excels in the fight scenes. Stewart is competent in her role as Snow White, certainly not deserving of "Twilight" comparisons. The supporting cast are all good, especially the digitally squashed dwarfs. But once again, Charlise Theron walks away with the acting honours and she has far more to play with in this film than she did in "Prometheus". Her queen is one seriously twisted sister (yet so alluring!) and Theron is the perfect choice to play her.
Thrills, Chills and Spills - my kind of fairy tale!


  • JayC4Shaw

    Dont forget the brushing her fingers through her hair, she did that as well. At least I saw no Kirsten lip-biting.

comment / reply

Snow White & the Who, What, When

RealityCheck Flicks Superstar (?)

Imagine 'Twilight' with a splash of 'Lord of the Rings', 'Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and a 'Braveheart' speech thrown in for good measure. An amalgamation of Snow White, seven dwarfs, huntsman and Grimm stories really. The SFX and little forrest creatures reminded me of 'Spiderwick Chronicles' and the whole film seemed to be mostly focused on K Stewart or C Hemsworth, naturally. From past films Stewart frustated me, but in this (altho still having the open mouth) she appears to act a little better, but C Theron was amazing. Music, acting and special effects are about the best parts of this remake haberdashery.
Genre : Romantic, action, adventure, fantasy
3/5 : Just felt it was a little oddly paced and bitsey in parts, some great actors in it bring the level back up

Snow White and the Huntsman

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Press Reviews

48% of critics recommend

Consensus: "While it offers an appropriately dark take on the fairy tale that inspired it, Snow White and the Huntsman is undone by uneven acting, problematic pacing, and a confused script."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

Snow White and the Huntsman reinvents the legendary story in a film of astonishing beauty and imagination. Full review.

Empire (UK)

A strong visual style tussles with flaccid storytelling in this ambitious retelling of Grimm. It won't exactly have Walt Disney spinning in his secret ice chamber, but you may wish they spent more time worrying about what exactly the film is than who it's for. Full review.

Entertainment Weekly (USA)

A tastefully overbearing franchise fairy tale with a handful of ravishing touches. Full review.

Guardian (UK)

The result is tangled and overblown. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

A bold rethinking of a familiar old story and striking design elements are undercut by a draggy midsection and undeveloped characters in Snow White and the Huntsman. Full review.

New York Times

Though it is an ambitious - at times mesmerizing - application of the latest cinematic technology, the movie tries to recapture some of the menace of the stories that used to be told to scare children rather than console them. Full review.

Time (USA)

Rare among the recent fairy tale adaptions (from 'Mirror Mirror' to the dreadful 'Red Riding Hood') the invigorating Snow White and the Huntsman actually breathes new life into an old story. Full review.

Time Out New York

The rousing speeches and booming battle scenes are all well done as far as blockbuster spectacle goes, but you can't help but feel the filmmakers' resistance to the story's grimmer undercurrents. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

A visually inventive, deliciously dark fairytale reheat. The story's far from the stuff of legend, but Theron makes for a ferocious meanie, helping to flush away "Mirror Mirror's" sugary aftertaste. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

A visually inventive, deliciously dark fairytale reheat. The story's far from the stuff of legend, but Theron makes for a ferocious meanie, helping to flush away "Mirror Mirror's" sugary aftertaste. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Handsome but hollow, Snow White & the Huntsman is easily among the stranger additions to a roster of rebooted fairy tales. Full review.