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The Darkest Hour 3D, Movie

The Darkest Hour 3D 2011

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Survive the holidays.

3D sci-fi thriller about a group of young Americans visiting Russia when aliens invade earth. Stars Olivia Thirlby (The Wackness), Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) and Rachael Taylor (Grey's Anatomy). More

Stranded in a desolate Moscow, the five yanks are forced into the seemingly impossible task of surviving and escaping the onslaught brought on by the energy-absorbing creatures. Produced by Russian filmmaker Timur Brekmambetov (Night Watch, Wanted), the film promises to differentiate itself from other alien invasion movies by showing the attacks and responses from a Russian perspective. Hide

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    • empirical


    • Belinda

      Skyline 2? War of the Worlds 2? I know I've seen this before? Will have to think on it.

    • Gary-Cottle

      I love movies where them thar city folk get themselves killed! :)

    • D F Stuckey

      An interesting life form(?) for once . . . will give this a look!

    • Jwoww

      wow cool this looks cool

    • matty

      so want to see it!!!

    • liamizweird

      better not be just another cheesy lame sci-fi movie like all the rest XP

    • steven segel

      my name is steven segel what a great sextual theme

    • Hannah

      what age ristriction is it

    • Dave-Wells

      Enjoyed it.Alien takeover and special efx are not bad.Watch the small band of survivors become smaller in the aftermath and mayhem.


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Liam Maguren Flicks Writer

“I didn’t cross half the world to see Americans,” our American protagonist Sean boldly proclaims, relaying a similar thought I had about this film. Though the movie promised to show an alien invasion from a Russian perspective, the film decides to track a couple of bland yanks as they run into every Russian caricature in the book of cultural clichés. More

The first half-hour does a pretty decent job depicting the transparent energy-absorbing creatures wiping out the human populace. After dashing through some pretty hopeless character development, we’re treated to a whole load of people disintegrating as our heroes run for their lives. It’s a cool-looking effect, one that doesn’t get old even when the rest of the movie does.

The second half-hour flips the handbrake on, dragging the film to a stand-still. Whilst the scenes of a vacant Moscow look impressive, they’re wasted on the headless chickens we’re forced to follow. Everything they learn about their alien counterparts seems to happen out of coincidence and dumb luck, as do their encounters with other, more helpful survivors.

With nothing particularly interesting going on, it’s hard not to notice how lame the entire concept is. This becomes abundantly clear by the last half-hour, portraying a showdown that would only be fit on a cheap sci-fi TV show. Dull, absurd and full of “Why did you do that!?” moments, The Darkest Hour is a concept that could’ve, but doesn’t, work. Hide

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really good

CSBright Flicks Superstar (?)

i thought it was awsome just a bit boring in some parts bu i acctually liked it


  • wistan

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

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The Darkest Wait...

RealityCheck Flicks Superstar (?)

The Darkest Hour
It started with a his an a roar, ok, more like a 'Days of Our Lives' thud, but this was only due to the charater build up, I felt it paid dividends later on. I cant help but feel aliens attacking earth has been done before, like hmmm, 'Predator', 'Cloverfield', 'Battlefield LA', 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', 'V', 'Independce Day', 'Battlefield Earth', 'Cowboys and Aliens' the list goes on, realy it does. The age seemed close to that of 'Tomorrow when the War Begins' and the way the characters just fall into the story. Mostly the fights reminded me of 'Attack the Block' so kind of funny in a way. I kept waiting for a descent view of the alein.
Genre : Sci-fi, Alien, fantasy,thiller, action, apocalyptic
2/5 : being generous, pop-corn flick and dont expect much story thickness, acting is the best part. Oh, also, see it in 3D, 2d just doesnt do it justice.

The Darkest Hour 3D

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One day this will turn up on a cheap TV channel late at night and you will be drunk/over-tired and it will be a blast. Full review.

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When the script switches genres, exchanging survival horror for resistance fighting, it loses whatever momentum it had. Full review.

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The picture suffers from an oppressive ordinariness. Full review.

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Another depressing failure of imagination. Full review.

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A dreary sci-fi slog so tedious even its own actors seem bored. Full review.

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Plodding and goofy, but at least it tickles the eyeballs. Full review.

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Skirts perilously close to silliness on more than one occasion, but it's pulled back from the brink more often than not by the disarming sincerity of its performances. That helps a lot. Full review.