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  • steve

    i agree! racist but so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    F@&ken racist c@nt.. but hes funny as!

  • Abdul

    This movie is racist...

  • larah


  • Richard

    911...2012 crying with laughter already....SBC is hillarious!!

  • Stu

    Love it when told you should visit the Empire State Building before you lot or your cousins blow it up! Hee hee

  • Micahelauknz

    See it for your self, the screening i was in yesterday everybody was laughing so crying..it is brilliant..go to it forget the criticts

  • Johnny

    The West taking the piss out of the middle east - is somehow not as compelling as the Middle East taking the piss out of the West.

  • ghee

    looks kinda funny, a bit racist, but still finny. wtfs up with the afro on his face though?? it scares me...

  • keen

    keen to watch it :)

  • mean

    mean as movie

  • Sadam

    Infidel! This is not art, it is not humour, it is middle eastern pornography! I am already queuing up in my pajamas!

  • face

    i am gonna totaly watch it

  • blue


  • levi

    looks alright

  • Jemma

    looks like a great movie

  • Tiana


  • Jessica


  • Leon

    I cant stop laughing after watched the trailer. i'm properly gonna laugh for week after seen the whole movie.

  • Juandonitor


  • nella

    bahahaha so freken funnyxx

  • smilly

    that looks hilarious! will def be checkin it out.

  • haha

    Ok, that trailer makes me wanna check it out...

  • Sam Swan


  • Matt


  • Red

    @Kahlid, get a grip. It's funny.

  • josh skux

    better than borat

  • Kahlid


  • Sam Swan

    Yes, yes, yes!

  • AConroy

    good idea I think it could be good.

  • Good idea

    poor execution

  • Bebeto

    Can't wait to see it ;-)

  • mussybee

    i would love to see it - its for people with a sense of humour

  • Matt

    I wish i was over 18

  • Ed-Flicks

    @hullo - touche! You've shamed us. Details amended.

  • Philip

    Bob if you think it looks awful you need 2 get the stick out your ass and get a sense of humour

  • wahoo

    crackup - laughing already

  • Nella

    freaakkinngggggg awesomee boooyahh!

  • Yeah nah

    Tripping over and kneeing myself in the face would be better than watching this movie. Looks terrible

  • eman

    looks mint

  • John

    worst-movie-of-the-year award nominee

  • Sam Swan

    Sasha Baron 'OMG What a Genius' Cohen - hells yes!

  • Emma8

    freaken hilarious

  • bOb

    this looks aweful

  • hullo

    "This is Cohen's first non-mockumentary movie". His ALi G movie was not a mockumentary!


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