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Tiny Furniture, Movie

Tiny Furniture 2010

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Award-winning, indie, existential comedy from writer/director/star Lena Dunham about a 24-year-old woman forced to move back home after life in the big city doesn't go so well. More

Luckily, her trainwreck childhood best friend never left home, the restaurant down the block is hiring, and ill-advised romantic possibilities lurk around every corner. She quickly throws away her liberal-arts clogs and careens into her old/new life: a dead-end hostess job, parties on chilly East Village fire escapes, stealing twenties out of her mother's Prada purse, pathetic "art shows," drinking all the wine in her mother's neatly organized cabinets, competing with her prodigious teenage sister, and desperate sex in a giant metal pipe. Hide

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Tiny Furniture

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