REVIEW: 'A Single Man'

REVIEW: 'A Single Man'

REVIEW: 'A Single Man', Flicks.co.nz
Colin Firth

4 stars

The feature film debut from fashion designer Tom Ford stars Colin Firth as a gay British college professor in 1960s L.A. In cinemas nationwide.


One of the highlights of the recent World Cinema Showcase, A Single Man heralds a bright new talent in the form of first-time feature director Tom Ford and also features the performance of a lifetime from Colin Firth. Whilst its experimental tendencies regarding both narrative form and aesthetic presentation situate it squarely in the art house, the film has the star power, emotion and style to appeal to a much wider audience.

Rookie director Ford is a fashion designer by trade, a trait that becomes obvious as he imbues every frame with a sense of visual mastery far beyond your average first-timer. Be it colour, composition or movement – Ford seems to have a natural ability to use the camera to create a vivid but tasteful milieu that works as both an eye-catching palette and an expressive representation of grief.

Firth received an Oscar nomination for his performance and was unlucky not to win for this turn. He plays his character with admirable restraint, merely hinting at the breakdown that is unraveling behind his stiff upper lip. Even more remarkable than his performance may be the fact that Julianne Moore is able to steal every scene she is in, high praise when she is paired with Firth.

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