REVIEW: 'Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D'

REVIEW: 'Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D'

REVIEW: 'Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D', Flicks.co.nz

4 stars

Chronicle of pop sensation Katy Perry's life in 3D, both on-stage and off. Billed as a "backstage pass, front row seat and intimate look". Now playing nationwide. Also playing in 2D.


It can be difficult justifying the existence of a concert movie based on a pop-music phenomenon. Some can draw in an audience by filming performances that celebrate an artist’s passion for their craft (This Is It) while others blindly beat a dead cash-cow with a piñata stick (Glee: The 3D Concert Movie). Fortunately, Part of Me is more a case of the former instead of feeling like the latter.

Katy Perry’s rather uninteresting success story isn’t exactly feature-length material, and the film knows this. Instead, her origin is glanced over in favour for what really matters: Katy’s relationship with her followers. These moments exemplify the pop-star’s dedication to supporting her fans, leading to a particularly touching moment in São Paulo that showed how the fans are able to do the same for her. It’s a shame the film doesn’t give us an insight into the gruelling creative processes that bring Perry’s sugar-coated fantasy to life, for this could’ve added to the audience’s understanding of the tremendous pressure the pop-star was under on tour.

Performances are smoothly integrated into the narrative, working in context with the behind-the-scenes material. The high visual quality of the concert footage is matched by the equally superb sound. In combination with the impressive 3D, these segments exude the energy of a live show. Although I couldn’t call myself a fan of Perry’s music, I was captivated by her bluesy-jazz rendition of I Kissed A Girl.

Part of Me is an extremely well-made concert documentary that fans are going to indulge in, packed with high energy, basic morals and an infectious charm, much like Perry herself.

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