REVIEW: 'Skyline'

REVIEW: 'Skyline'

REVIEW: 'Skyline', Flicks.co.nz
Eric Balfour in 'Skyline'

1 star

Sci-fi thriller from the Strause brothers (AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem), in which bizarre blue lights descend on LA, drawing people outside of their homes and offices like moths to a flame... Now playing nationwide. Click here for session info.

Alien invasion movies are never high art but the best ones are always entertaining. Unfortunately this effort does not fit that category, except for the occasional "so bad it's good" moments.

The directors are the Strause brothers, better known for their visual effects work on a string of blockbusters than they are for their direction. This becomes obvious, with the effects being impressive for a relatively small budget (rumoured to be around the $US 10 million mark) but the story and basic drama being woeful. The script is unforgivably amateur, failing to build up any suspense or tension when the story calls for it and is even worse at handling the romantic subplot.

None of the cast are particularly good but, to be fair to them, they never are given much of a chance. They are very pretty, so they have that going for them. Good looking but no substance – sums up the movie in a nutshell, really. A movie with this many quality special effects shouldn’t ever be as genuinely boring as this.

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