REVIEW: 'The Blind Side'

REVIEW: 'The Blind Side'

REVIEW: 'The Blind Side', Flicks.co.nz

2 stars

Drama based on a true story, starring Sandra Bullock (in her Oscar winning role) as a well-to-do mum who brings a homeless teenager into her home... Now playing in cinemas.


Speed, While You Were Sleeping, A Time to Kill. It seems a shame that Bullock should win an Oscar for one of her least charismatic performances. I guess her big-haired, BMW-driving, god-fearing southern gal was just too much for the Academy to resist.

Pitched somewhere between Mamma Gump and Erin Brockovich, her Leigh-Anne is more a force of nature than a character in this candy-coated version of Precious. Prone to homespun homilies and pithy comebacks she dominates this movie to the unfortunate detriment of everyone else. Which is pity, particularly given the Forrest Whittaker-esque Aaron shows strong potential.

Although based in reality, John Lee Hancock's tale never seems more than just a more serious version of TV's Different Strokes or Webster as a rich white family takes in a po' black boy; the dramatic obstacles never even requiring Leigh-Anne to do much voice raising. Product placement is particularly appalling with Borders getting a big plug and Taco Bell reaping the dubious benefits of McGraw's character being a fast food chain owner.

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