The 3PM Dispatch: Coens, Lantern 2, Smell-O-Vision + Today's Poll

The 3PM Dispatch: Coens, Lantern 2, Smell-O-Vision + Today's Poll

The 3PM Dispatch: Coens, Lantern 2, Smell-O-Vision + Today's Poll, Flicks.co.nz

Is The Coen Brothers Next Film About A 60s Folk Singer?
Word on the street has it that the Coen brothers' next film will be "loosely based" on '60s folk singer and Grenwich Village resident Dave Van Ronk.

'Green Lantern' Makes 'Disappointing' Amount Of Green, But Sequel Gets Green Lit.
With a 66% American box office drop in its second week, the Ryan Reynolds superhero flick Green Lantern hasn't made as much green as studio Warner Bros. was hoping for. But despite being "disappointed" WB says they "still believe" in the franchise and plans for the sequel are under way.

TV's Chris Meloni Joining 'Superman' Reboot
After more than a decade's service on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Chris Meloni is moving on. Specifically he's moving onto the new Superman film. There's no certainty as to which character he'll play but rumours include Lex Luthor, Perry White or Lois Lane's old man, General Sam Lane.

'Spy Kids 4' Being Presented In 'Smell-O-Vision'.
Director Robert Rodriguez has implemented "Aromascope" technology in his upcoming film, Spy Kids: All The Time In The World 4D. What is "Aromascope" technology you ask? It's a scratch-and-sniff card. Upon entering the cinema you'll be given a series of numbered cards and when the number icon flashes onscreen that's you're prompt to get a scratchin' and a sniffin'. We really do wish we were making this stuff up...

Get 'Fast And Furious' For A Sixth Time In May 2013
Universal Pictures has set a release date of May 24, 2013, for the sixth entry in the boy racer franchise Fast And Furious. Director of F&F5 Justin Lin will direct and stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and The Rock are all expected to return.

Another Facebook Stalker Film On Way. Like?
Another film based on the tired premise of a person falling for someone they meet on Facebook and then that person turning out to be a stalkerish freak-show is on the way. This could be worthy of your 'like' however as it's being produced by Black Swan's Darren Aronofsky and written by Black Swan screenwriter Mark Heyman.

James Bond Got Married On The Weekend
Actress Rachel Weisz and James Bond star Daniel Craig got married over the weekend in a secret low-key ceremony.


Will You See A Movie In Smell-O-Vision?
We can't decide whether Robert Rodriguez deserves to be applauded or committed for his efforts in making scratch-and-sniff cards part of the cinematic experience. What do you think? Would you see a movie presented in Smell-O-Vision?


The Poll Results will be in Tuesday's edition of The 3PM Dispatch.

Friday's Poll Results
Who Would Win In A Fight? Jango Fett Vs Abin Sur
Flicksters were unanimous in their decision: Green Lantern's Abin Sur would lay the smack down on Star Wars' Jango Fett.
46.43% -Abin Sur
35.71% - Jango Fett
17.86% - Meh... whatevs

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