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Incendies - Trailer

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    • Elna

      This was good, quite naturalistic and harrowing until the soap opera reveal ending

    • Marc

      Thanks for the spoiler Elna. Do you talk through the movie as well?

    • Elna

      No Marc, but I have been known to draw breath. Is this okay? And its not a spoiler, everyone knows I'm my own niece.

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Elna, @Marc - We try to avoid movie spoilers so we have edited the comment.

    • Stephen-Shirley

      This is a powerful movie,moving and emotional,even though it is sub titled, an amazing story.

    • Heena

      One of the most remarkable movies I've ever seen, left the cinema stunned it's very powerful.

    • jenny

      Very moving, good acting, loved the story and interesting ending, must go

    • Diane-D

      Beautiful and powerful movie

    • Angela

      Beautifully acted, powerhouse of a story, gutsy, strong writing. Fantastic.

    • nicnac

      fantastic till almost the end...too far fetched to be realistic. A truly tragic story

    • Craig

      Stunning, powerful and challenging. Soap opera? No way!!

    • joydot

      cant believe its canadian wow


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