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Stolen - Trailer

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    • Rob

      Horrible trailer voice actor guy, god when will they realise that sorta voice over sounds C grade

    • Anka

      Every scene in this trailer was a cliche!

    • bi;;

      wtf is that cometary in the back doing

    • the man

      great movie

    • king


    • Shazzam

      I didn't know Justin Beiber was an actor now.

    • jason

      Im not sure which id rather watch, this or Birdemic 2... or i could have my crutch malled by bears... all about par id say

    • SJSL

      Stolen is an apt title considering where the idea has been Taken from.

    • Mexidoug


    • bryce

      nicholas cage continues to pay the tax man

    • taken


    • The Film Critic

      Ok so it's Taken with Cage but lets be honest that is still pretty go and taken 2 was bad

    • name

      nicholas cage=no


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