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    • Craig

      3 months after the US release...WHY!?!

    • Mr.Cool

      Yeah.. WHAT THE HELL???? this is why people download movies

    • Ken-Burns

      The first Terrence Malick film I'd like to see

    • Nathan

      almost fell asleep

    • kiwicafe

      can't wait, Malick is pure genius, period.

    • Mark

      Love the trailer.

    • Conner

      *%#$ off nathan

    • pompous

      saw it at the film fest. crap.

    • Elated

      Saw it at the Film Festival. Don't listen to the cry-babies - it's absolutely incredible.

    • Holly

      That is 3 hours of my life I will never get back. Waste of absolute time. Not to mention slightly insulting as I left confused.

    • Edward

      Cut the WTF?! big-bang-dinosaur sequence, replace Penn with any other actor - you'd get a good movie.

    • Dubwah


    • Andrew

      Yeah nathan, %&#! you.

    • keeshy

      hated it, would have walked out if I wasn't trapped in a middle of the row

    • Maggie

      Worst film ever in a life time of movie going. Rating -1

    • qwertyuiop

      the little boy could actually be his son - looks just like him

    • Bob

      ...Because it sucks big time.

    • Kepa

      Worst movie I've ever seen in 20 years or more. Too depressing, difficult to follow it's all over the place.

    • Kepa

      Walked out after an hour. 1st time I've done this in a movie. Waste of money & time to see this.

    • Chris

      This was so hideously boring and pretentious-

    • Elna

      Terence Malick is a genius and I'm sorry, but if you fail to recognise this then you I regret to inform you you are mentally challenged.

    • Casey

      Good you're plugging this but the film isn't about a Midwestern family. Texas culture is unique, much less bland than Midwestern.

    • Steve

      The biggest load of drivel I have seen in 50 years of watching films. Save yourself the energy and keep your money in your wallet.

    • Marklar

      absolutely horrible

    • Doods

      Most drastically pathetic acting, directing, story I have ever witnessed


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