Aaron Yap


At an impressionable young age, Aaron was traumatised by Philippe Mora's 1982 monster flick 'The Beast Within' and has never looked back. He started reviewing professionally for the Sunday-Star Times for several years before moving onto Real Groove, then Groove Guide. During the day he buys movies and manages site content for fatso.co.nz. He has also served some time in the pre-NZFF crew of the Incredibly Strange Film Festival, where he learned to value all forms of cinema, devoting equal time to bottom-of-the-barrel trash and the slowest of arthaus endurance tests. He counts 'Venus in Furs' ('69), 'Two-Lane Blacktop', 'Hard Times', 'Local Hero', 'Seconds', 'Deep End', 'L'Intrus' among his favourite films and is particularly partial to anything from the '70s. On Thursday nights, he can be heard zoning out on Psychic Glands on Auckland's 95bFM from 11pm-1am.