Information about Skateboard Wheels The first you should know that the skateboard wheels come with various kinds of violence or also often called a durometer. Violence skateboard wheels come in two types, the first is the scale D commonly used on hard materials. As for the second type is the A scale, this type typically used for soft materials, such as polyurethane. If you want maximal in skateboarding, then you should choose a wheel with violence according to what you want. Skateboard wheels also come in various forms, although the basis of skateboard wheels definitely chooses a round shape. Each form must wheels are designed for different purposes, and allows you to choose according to your destination skateboarding. Examples are free ride wheels, wheel type typically have a rounded shape on tepid and also the front, and usually use a type of skateboard that this is a downhill long board wheels. Another form of skateboard wheels that you can choose is a cone wheel, usually this type used by long boarder’s road. Wheel cones are usually very light, so that it can slide, without having too often pushed skateboard. Furthermore, you should consider is the size of skateboard wheels, which you can see the size of the wheels of diameter. The size of the diameter of a skateboard wheels typically come in 50 to 54mm, and very rarely a skateboard wheels made smaller than 50mm, larger wheel type normally used for long board or cruiser board, because the big wheel will make it easier to cope with uneven road. Larger wheels again around 65mm are more often used for long board declined sharply, because it can increase the speed. Choosing skateboard wheels has become a very important thing, because it will affect your performance in doing skateboard. Determine what kind of wheels for your skateboard are only you who know, or you can ask the people who are already professionals, so you do not miscast wheel.