13 Going On 30

13 Going On 30

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Jennifer Garner stars in this coming-out-of-age comedy as a girl who magically jumps from teen to adult on her 13th birthday. Waking up to a dynamite body, a luscious wardrobe and a fancy job as a magazine editor, her life couldn’t seem more perfect. However, one thing is missing: the bond with her childhood best friend Matt, who has become vastly different from the boy she knew. Co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Judy Greer.

2004Rating: PG, contains sexual references94 minsUSA
ComedyKids & Family
Gary Winick ('Letters to Juliet', 'Bride Wars', 'Charlotte's Web')
Jennifer GarnerMark RuffaloJudy GreerAndy SerkisKathy Baker

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