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John Singleton's ABDUCTION is the type of movie not seen as often nowadays as in the past: the action star vehicle. These films, which seemed to come in an endless supply during the 1980s action star heyday, usually exist for no other reason than to promote their leading man (or occasionally woman) and their often dubious talents. Here, Taylor Lautner steps out of his supporting role in the TWILIGHT franchise and into his first starring role as Nathan, the high schooler on the run from a past... More he knows nothing about. As is typical of the star vehicle, Lautner's shortcomings as an actor, not to mention those of dreadful love interest Lily Collins, are minimised by surrounding him with strong supporting players such as Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, and, clearly having a blast as Nathan's 'parents', Maria Bello and Jason Isaacs. The trick works for the most part, with Weaver being the only disappointing exception, as she delivers her lines in such an unconvincing manner, and is clearly only in it for the paycheck.

As colossally stupid as the film is, ABDUCTION moves along at a brisk pace and never feels particularly boring. There's a certain masochistic pleasure in watching Lautner do his best to display any kind of emotion other than broody squinting, and while at times he honestly looks like he has no idea what he is doing, Singleton gives him several opportunities to take his shirt off and show the only real reason that he's a star. Which brings me to maybe the most underwhelming aspect of this entire mess, Singleton himself. How did this filmmaker, the youngest ever to be nominated for a directing Oscar (for BOYZ IN THE HOOD), end up making this kind of throwaway teen trash? With the exception of 2001's excellent but underseen BABY BOY, Singleton seems to have moved further and further away from the initial promise he displayed, and ABDUCTION is without question his lowest point yet. In the right crowd, it is probably a fun film with plenty to poke fun at but, much like its star, is ultimately a vapid and moronic product wrapped in a pretty package.


BY Flicks- nobody

Disappointing quite frankly.

I am a teen male who has watched both the Bourne movies and the Twilight movies, and I loved this film deeply. I admired the attention to detail and how there weren't any major plot inconsistencies. It is also refreshing to see this sort of action film do justice to the spec ops culture around it and incorporate a lot of convincing touches.
The storyline was very solid and stayed understandable while still being mysterious. There wasn't any oversentimentality, and Taylor portrayed the role of... More a fierce, trained but still unpredictable teen fugitive well. The few times where he took his shirt off (it's a requisite for a Taylor Lautner movie OFC) didn't feel forced, but rather very appropriate.
One thing that interests me was that it seemed Apple - yes, the makers of the iPhone - owned a stake in this movie. The teenagers did their schoolwork on Macbook Pro's and -Air's. Taylor had an iMac. His schoolfriend had an iPad. I'm suprised the cellphones in the movie weren't iPhones, but I guess it would be unfitting, so I'm glad it isn't the case.

Overall, this was a pretty impressive Bourne-inspired teen action flick which I can't find fault with. Though it was probably meant to suck teen Twihards into watching it, it's their boyfriends who will enjoy it.
I thought this was the best film I had seen in a while, so the treacherous reviews from the critics shocked me. Please do watch it.Hide

I am your typically teenager and went into the film mainly just to look at Taylor Lautner but instead I spent the whole movie laughing. It is possibly the funniest movie I have ever seen...the dialogue is terrible and the acting is no better and the film really made no sense. I found it hilarious and I'm sure many other teenagers would be caught up in Taylor Lautner just like I had thought that I would be but if you aren't a teenager there is a good chance that you will deeply hate this... More film...or just find it epicly funny like me.Hide

quite the teen flick ,but good to watch i enjoy this even Taylor did well

BY Adrianne lister

If Taylor Lautner is your thing then this is a must see. For those of us not sooo fussed on his looks then it's a pretty sweet action movie, not the best but not bad none the less. Has something for the girls and the guys

BY Aidan1 superstar

This was action packed movie and was very good. I was impressed with Taylor Lautner acting and the other actors were really good too. I would recommend this to anyone who liked the Bourne movies.