Alice in Wonderland 3D

Review: Alice in Wonderland 3D

By Paul
10 Mar 10

Way better than you'd think...

Granted, I went in with low expectations given Burton's recent output. But I loved this - its a children's film that I'd say is awesome for kids and very good for adults. Compare it to Narnia, and countless animated kids film - it's darker, emmersive and much more aligned with traditional fairy tales. I love that there's a lot to read between the lines. Whoever plays Alice is wonderful, and Depp is fantastic - almost Edward Scissorhands-like, Buster Keaton-like.

There are few aesthetic things I didn't like, such as the playing-card army, and at times the CGI was naff. Also, I saw in 3D which I didn't like, I'd see it regular-D.

But, I highly recommend.