Alice Through the Looking Glass 3D

Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass 3D

26 May 16

2nd Time Around Alice

Alice Through the Looking Glass
Again, wonderful adaption from the book, like the first ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with a hint of Tim Burton throughout, add in splashes of ‘NeverEnding Story’, ‘Charlie & Chocolate Factory’ (2005), with spits of ’SpyKids2’, ‘Labyrinth’ and you have this masterpiece. Wonder to hear the voice of Professor Snape, Luna Lovegood’s dad, the guy from 'Little Britain’ and of course 'Edward Scissorhands’ himself. Great book, & great movie a really worthwhile watch about making choices as a adult, what really makes you happy as an adult, now and in the future.
Genre : Book to movie, adventure, growth, adulting
4/5 : Fantastic work, not original but still an wonderfully moving Burton flick.