Animation for Kids 8+ (NZIFF 2019)

Animation for Kids 8+ (NZIFF 2019)

Animation for Kids 8+ (NZIFF 2019)

Collection of curated short animated films appropriate for anyone aged eight or older.

1 mètre/heure

At an airport, on the wing of an aeroplane, a troupe of snails perform a magnificent choreographed dance.


When Esra misses her train, a discarded classic cube tries to get her attention.


Two characters are intrinsically linked as they influence each other with every move they make.

Listen Papa!

A letter from a boy to his father shares all that had once been kept unspoken.

Best Laid Plans

Follow the ups and downs of a Rube Goldberg contraption.

Vivat Musketeers!

The world is about to perish, everything seems hopeless. But then a real hero steps forward – a brave musketeer without fear!

Do Not Touch!

One room. One button. And one sign that clearly says, ‘do not touch’. What to do?

Lost & Found

A dinosaur must unravel itself to maintain a tight-knit friendship.

A Good Heart

The life of a prehistoric family is upset, little by little, by the arrival of numerous uninvited friends.

The Skellingtons of Wellington

The Skellingtons ride – but if you look closely there is nobody there.


A successful gym session is all about maintaining excellent rhythm.

Running Lights

A magical transfer of glowing energy and life is set in motion when one creature departs its earthly form.

2019Rating: PG, Some scenes may disturb70 mins
AnimatedFestival & Independent
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