Animation Now: Handmade

Animation Now: Handmade

Animation Now: Handmade

A collection of animated short films that ditch CGI wizardry in favour of more tactile, frame-by-frame methods of animation. Click 'more' for details on the short films.

Animation General

The patient is in trouble – broken rig, framerate’s dropping, we need 50cc of squash and stretch.

Jim Zipper

A Picasso-esque joie de vivre screen-burst of glorious pin-screen animation.

Love Me, Fear Me

As astonishing tour-de-force of punk-ballet plasticine animating.


Just watching this is quite the experience. Making it must have been epic!

The Call

An elderly woman’s bathtub becomes a place to escape into memories, fantasies and other watery reveries.

Back and Forth

We all have a different rhythm. Some rhythms go together, some clash or just stay separate.


Between an angry ballerina and her audience sits a world of hurt and a headful of noise.

The House

Ice, stones, brooms and good friends – a gently hewn look into the sport of social curling.

Sun Zoom Spark

“Magnet draw day from dark. Sun zoom spark. Sun zoom spark.” — Captain Beefheart

Facing It

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but our faces can give away a lot of hints too.

Tango of Longing

A painted exploration of the wordless encyclopaedia of human expression, expressed through tango.

Winter’s Blight

A reclusive old man living alone in a forest is saved by the very cycle of life he nurtured as a young boy.

2019Rating: M, Sexual violence & content that may disturb73 mins
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