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BY Leigh19 nobody

A very enjoyable afternoon at the movies. CGI was amazing, the cast were on par, story was captivating enough you could forgive the occasional cringy lines the poor cast had to deliver lol. It was pure and simple fun.

BY Zamm superstar

Aquaman on the screen had been much awaited for me. Having Jason Momoa as Aquaman was worth the wait. I enjoyed the movie very much. A very good way to be entertained.

BY HMJ lister

This movie is so Over The Top it comes back down just to go OTT again. Seriously. The last 20is minutes is such a glorious extravaganza of CGI excess you'll either love it or have a nap.

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman finds the right pitch for this kind of silly fun. Somewhere between zen surfer dude and heavy metal (actually, this movie's score could've done with a bit more of that) rebel.
D.C continues to diversify a historically very Pakeha heroverse, Aquaman has a Maori dad. Very nice to... More see them hongi and hear mention of tau-moko. If a bit puzzling. As J.M is half Hawaiian, why not use that?
Everyone deadpaned their way through a script that was (I sincerely hope) never meant to be taken seriously. And it worked very nicely. I'm not sure all those chuckles were intended but, hey, take 'em where you can get 'em.
Nicole Kidman did a surprisingly good turn as Action Babe. Kicking arse in a artfully decorated skin-tight wet suit. - Don't you DARE threaten MY baby!!!!!! - While Temurea Morrison graciously consented to be the rescued Love Object. Awww♥

You don't go to movies like this for thought provoking drama, originality or the exploration of the human condition. You go to pleasurably waste a few hours while chomping on some popcorn. If the audience enters the theatre with realistic expectations, I think most people will feel they got their monies worth.Hide

BY PercyM superstar

It's big, beautiful and entertaining throughout; with a decent plot, its campy style and wonderfully engaging action sequences.

Whoever oversaw the script should be fed to the sea as this was rotten fish guts from beginning to end. If you counted the cliches you would be given an honourary doctorate in mathematical theory. Over colour processed, over thought and over done. There is some early 90's Shortland St type acting going on here - DC is a sinking ship if this is the carp theyre trying to foist on the public. Avoid this if at all possible.