Batman vs. Superman 3D: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs. Superman 3D: Dawn of Justice


Zack Snyder's follow up to 2013's Man of Steel with Henry Cavill returning as Clark Kent/Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as Daily Planet editor Perry White. Krypton's finest will face off against Batman - played by Ben Affleck. When the heroes aren't squaring off against one another, they'll have to deal with with the villainous Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).... More

Set eighteen months after the events of Man of Steel, the story takes its inspiration from a variety of sources (including Frank Miller's comic book miniseries The Dark Knight Returns). This will be the first time DC Comics' two biggest stars meet on the cinema screen.Hide

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The sub-title of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suggests a movie that emphasises set-up, and thankfully that isn't really the case – director Zack Snyder wrings plenty of drama from the justice and power themes that Man of Steel and Watchmen also touched upon, and he sets up his characters' conflicting motivations judiciously. The world-building that does occur here is more or less relegated to one scene inserted into the movie in a manner that nobody would describe as seamless.

There is genuine potency in the titular showdown, and it provides some pretty cool moments when it arrives. However, if you weren't charmed by Man of Steel's bombastic action set-pieces, you probably won't find much to enjoy in the similarly destruction-heavy finalé that rolls out here.

It's hard not to be charmed by Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman. I'm tempted to view him as the Roger Moore to Christian Bale's Sean Connery – he's a more dashing alternative whose performance benefits from a sense of mildly cheesy self-awareness.

The idea of Lex Luthor as a Mark Zuckerberg-type is brought playfully to life by Jesse Eisenberg's energetic presence. He's a shrill caricature sure, but an amusing one. And the film brightens up whenever Gal Godot shows up as Diana Prince and/or Wonder Woman, highlighting the film's most welcome point of difference to its superhero brethren, despite her relatively brief amount of screentime.

Although it stops short of being a bold mission statement for a new type of superhero film, there's a stylistic and dramatic efficiency to BVS: DOJ that renders it an enjoyable watch.

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BY Odnarb nobody

Churchill v Hitler fist-fighting

BY silentbob88 superstar

This movie is a cool looking train wreck of a movie, the kind you can't really look away as you kinda know where its heading but you just have to make sure... Batman is very angry in this movie, and Superman stays pretty super, and the best character in this is the deliciously twisted Lex Luthor. Batman's toys are cool in this edition, but his suit doesn't look as cool as the previous ones, (although the last Metal looking one with the lit up eyes looks cool) and Superman and Batman have... More obviously worked out heaps to get in a plus. I also thought it was pretty cool to see an aged Bruce Wayne, but overall apart from actually shooting a cool looking movie Zack Snyder has made a disjointed, piecemeal, lots of ideas cobbled together into a hot mess of a movie that is pretty to look at, but ultimately disappointing...Hide

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice IS a movie that tells you there will be a battle between the two. SO there is a set up for sure when you view and pay attention to all the clues this film gives. There is a lot of information here and if you are open-minded you will not have all the answers now, but know they will be explained in the Justice League movies. Director Zack Snyder does a masterful interpretation of the BEST superheroes ever. Anyone who was a witness to the September 11th attacks... More would appreciate the fear and trauma that Bruce Wayne witnesses during the battle between the Kryptonians and the devastation thier fight caused. This leads to the villain of the story playing games at all costs, and does so viciously well.

This film is NOT for everyone. It's serious and dark. It does reflect the terrible nature of what our own world has: war and violence and pure uncontrolled evil.

The performers of this movie were able to hold their own with charm. There was no really off putting performances like the campy Marvel films, nor the over melodrama in many modern movies. The performances were excellent and a welcome surprise. I certainly was not expecting that. I believed Affleck was Batman. I believed Cavill was Superman and Gadot as Wonder Woman. I did not have to question it they were great.

The appearance of Wonder Woman is by far the best part of the picture and such a welcome addition in the heat of the battle.

Overall I was impressed and saw it more than once at the cinema. I preferred the 3D version as it took me close to the film and felt I was there at times. Well worth the watch if you like superhero genres.Hide

Review: Batman V Superman: Ball of Confusion

If you haven’t seen it, but intend to, don’t read on because - spoilers. In fact, don’t read on if you think World War II should have ended in Churchill v Hitler fist-fighting mano-a-mano, in the ruins of Berlin. Adolf’s about to run Winston through with a cigar-tipped spear, when Winston pleads: “Save Lady Randolph”, and Hitler goes, “Vait?! VDF?! [Vot Da Fuk] Why d’you say zat name?!” And it turns out both their mums were called... More Lady Randolph, and they suddenly become best buds and, yeah I know, Hitler’s mum was called Klara, but whatever, Adolf says: “Ich can’t believe it Vinston! My mumma is Lady Randolph too! Let’s be BFFs and end zis war and go beat up Jo Stalin instead.”

Superman’s adoptive earth mother, Ma Kent, is named Martha, as was Bruce Wayne’s mum. But, just in case we’re too dumb to know this, or see it on the tomb Bruce visits several times in this movie, we get an opening credits sequence that yet again (again) replays the death of Batman’s parents, only with the new addition of his dying dad’s last word being “Martha”, because that’s his wife’s name, and we’re too dumb to get that. In fact we’re so dumb, it needs to be repeated over and over until we get it. Martha, Martha, Martha.

Oh and then there’s the bats that lift young Bruce up, so he literally rises, as in Dark Knight Rises, geddit? But it’s just a dream, and then there’s all these other dream sequences that are kinda cool, as dreams sometimes are, but you could cut them out the movie and lose nothing. Zip. They’re just cool. That’s it. Cool and really annoying, in the case of time travelling Flash shouting a garbled warning at Bruce before he wakes up. Or does he? Is this a dream within a dream within an homage to Chris Nolan’s Inception? Yup. Snyder’s a Nolan fanboy, geeking out on Nolan’s dark approach to the Dark Knight and it really, really grates.

Dumb dream sequences aside, the plot’s a confused mess. Much is unnecessary. Perhaps literally taking the piss, Lex places a jar of urine labelled “Granma’s peach tea” next to Holly Hunter during a Senate hearing. Then he has a dude’s wheelchair explode, killing hundreds. Any reason? Not really. Creating Doomsday from Zod’s bod and droplets of Lex Luthor’s blood? No idea. Lex plays more like Jim Carrey’s Riddler doing an impression of Jack Nicholson’s Joker by way of Jesse Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg from The Social Network. His motivation seems to be no more than the old “some people hate what they can’t understand” schtick Kevin Costner babbled about in Man of Steel. Still, Ben Affleck’s fine. Jeremy Irons as Alfred? Great. Henry Cavill as Superman? Um, limited acting range, but, you know, Chris Reeve was no De Niro, so I’m not complaining.

Visually, Martha’s Son v Martha’s Adopted Son is typical Zack Snyder, and anyone who’s seen Man of Steel, Watchmen or Sucker Punch knows what to expect. In fact, if you didn’t like Man of Steel, then seeing this sequel is pretty much asking for it. You think Superman doesn’t kill? In Man of Steel he killed wholesale – to save the planet sure, but he still killed Zod by snapping his neck, and thousands of civilians by going all Michael Bay on Metropolis’s ass. So WTF are you doing seeing this if you hated Man of Steel?! Seriously!

That’s what I asked myself all the way through this movie. I loved Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead retake and the visual stylings of 300. But had I forgotten how misogynistic Sucker Punch was? Or how bored I was by act three of Man of Steel? How confused the plot was? How Snyder’s dark palate made the world on screen so dim that much was rendered an almost indiscernible brown CGI smudge? Had I forgotten how Snyder’s all surface flash failed to hide the emptiness of the script, characterisations or story? Worse yet, had I forgotten how Man of Steel took the true goodness of Superman, as represented by his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, and turned him into Kevin Costner – who young Superman just stands and watches die when he could have saved him in the blink of an eye? What the hell was I doing here watching the sequel?!

Well, turns out I was sucker punched. I thought this was a Batman v Superman movie. The marketing told me that and why would marketing lie? () Only really, this was Man of Steel II and what Snyder did to Superman he now does to Batman – turning him from Christopher Nolan’s dark vigilante, to a figure more reminiscent of Charles Bronson’s judge, jury and executioner Deathwish character, Paul Kersey, only minus the mischievous grin and with Ben Affleck’s implausible chin. Talking of which, take another look at that Batfleck chin. He’d make a great Judge Dredd.

As ever in the Snyderverse, women don’t fare so well. As Lois Lane, Amy Adams gets to be in a tub for one scene, for no other reason than she’s female, and taking a bath is better naked than clothed. She’s also pretty helpless, requiring rescue several times throughout proceedings. And why does she ditch that Kryptonite spear only to then go retrieve it?

Wonder Woman fares much better. She even gets a kick-ass theme tune, but Gal Gadot has little to do, aside from bump into Bruce Wayne a few times at high class parties and then show up at the end to kick Orc ass – sorry, Doomsday ass. As for Superman’s Mum? Well the less said about that whole Martha stuff the better, but it’s pretty flawed thinking. Hell, when Bats saves Ma Kent, he says “I’m a friend of your son”, and she cracks wise with I guessed you were a friend of Clark’s ‘cos of the cape. Hilarious – if Bats hadn’t just tried to kill Superman just minutes before, and then ploughed down the bad guys in front of her, before barbequing one so close, he has to wrap his fire-retardant cloak around her to stop her from toasting.

So, if you’re looking for realistic character motivation, or humour, or even a plot that makes half sense, go see a Marvel movie. There’s moments here to delight DC comic book fans, but far more to infuriate. Lex has computer files listing Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman? (And don’t start me on Aquaman! He looks ridiculous!) And he gives them logos?! Lex knows Clark is Superman and Bruce is Batman?! Really? He knew all along? Then why… Oh just forget it. Forget I asked. As for Superman’s “death”? Not an emotion was felt. Nada. It was just – numbing.

Entertaining popcorn action while it lasted, with a sour as hell aftertaste, this is a movie with pretentions of grandeur. The words “Jesus” and “God”, “Alien” and “Man” are tossed around liberally by speechifying characters in an attempt to add depth and philosophical substance, but it’s about as edifying as a Donald Trump speech.

Like an undercooked hotdog, BvS is big, long, and covered in hot sauce. If you’re hungry for a DC movie to compete with Marvel, it’ll satisfy your appetite for a while, but leave an ache in your guts and have you waking up, covered in sweat, and desperate to throw up.

Actually, that analogy is a bit unfair on undercooked hotdogs.Hide

BY HMJ lister

I admit I approached this movie with some trepidation. D.C's movie adaptation of comic book characters has been somewhat erratic. Reading of Chris Nolan's involvement was encouraging but still. . .

What a relief! Oh how I enjoyed myself! The action sequences were spectacular, contained plot development - not many movies manage that trick - and made excellent use of 3D. The climactic battle hit all the right notes. If you like action movies, you'll be well pleased.

Henry Cavil did a... More fine job as Clarke Kent and Superman. Managing to convey the playfulness he only allows himself in the Clark disguise while giving us an intense Superman of tremendous power troubled by doubts about his place in this world. Holly Hunter, Diane Lane and Amy Adams provided the differing voices of the world around him. With Kevin Costner provided a very nice touch as Jonathan Kent, providing yet another guiding perspective.

Ben Affleck laid all doubts to rest as he hit the ball out of the park as an middle aged, embittered Bruce Wayne just ripe for manipulation by Lex Luthor -played brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg as a giggly, manic villain just barely holding himself together. Jeremy Iron's assured performance as Alfred, more mechanic than butler will be familiar to comic book readers an a new spin for movie goers.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was a breath of fresh air. I feared she was too slightly built to play a credible Amazon but she was just right. That almost child like face combined with a lightly humorous and confident sexuality gave us a brand new Diana Prince. When she dropped her disguise and waded into battle with gusto, we got to see a new and wonderful super heroine.

Zack Snyder did a fine job of re-capping and splicing in bits from Batman and Superman's back story. Enough for context and character development without being repetitive. I think it was wise not to do Wonder Woman's back story here. She works well as a mysterious figure

Given that a movie can't be twelve hours long it makes sense to have the other Justice Leaguers only briefly introduced. Plenty of time for other movies to develop those characters.Hide

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  • Not only does the storytelling feel cluttered, but the premise turns both protagonists into passive victims who only occasionally get to do anything heroic. Full Review

  • Goosebumps are inevitable when the two icons finally face off, and there are some spectacular clobberings dispensed... Full Review

  • Delivers the shock and awe on a level befitting a superhero blockbuster of such massive scale. Full Review

  • Cluttered and narratively wonky; a few jokes wouldn't have gone amiss, either. Full Review

  • No major blockbuster in years has been this incoherently structured, this seemingly uninterested in telling a story with clarity and purpose. Full Review

  • As a pure visual spectacle, however, Batman V Superman ably blows the hinges off the multiplex doors... Full Review

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