Better Days

Better Days

Better Days

When a bullied schoolgirl's nemesis turns up dead, she and a shady new friend come under suspicion in this Chinese drama based on Yuexi Jiu's novel.

Heavily bullied seventeen-year-old Nian (Dongyu Zhou) is studying for the notoriously tough university entrance exams when she meets Bei (Jackson Yee), a tough street kid. The unlikely couple gradually falls in love, but everything turns upside down when they are dragged into the murder case of Nian's classmate — as the prime suspects.

2019Rating: TBC136 minsChinaMandarin with English subtitles
DramaWorld Cinema
Derek Tsang ('Soulmate', 'Lover's Discourse', 'Good Take!')
Wing-Sum LamYuan LiYimeng Xu
Dongyu ZhouFang YinJue HuangJackson Yee
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