Beyond the Edge 3D

Beyond the Edge 3D


Beyond endurance, beyond imagination.

3D adventure, a mix of documentary and dramatic reenactments, following Kiwi mountaineering great Sir Edmund Hillary and his ascent of Mt. Everest. In 1953, with Tenzing Norgay, the pair become the first to reach the world's tallest summit. WETA visual effects artist Chad Moffitt makes his front-of-camera debut as Hillary. Directed by Leanne Pooley (The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls).... More

"Pooley transports the viewer back in time sixty years to the foot of that seemingly unconquerable mountain, and recreates an incredible journey to the top. While many know that Sir Edmund Hillary (Moffitt) and Tenzing Norgay (Sonam Sherpa) were the first men to stand on the summit, few know how it happened. Using rarely seen footage, and no narration other than the words of the expedition members themselves - culled from hours of archival interviews - Pooley recreates the conditions (including what seems now to be only the most rudimentary equipment), the relationships, and the socio-historical context of the undertaking that had much of the world holding its breath." (Toronto Film Festival)Hide

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In tracking the journey to, and then up, Everest, a very appealing portrait of Edmund Hillary as a driven, lanky dynamo emerges. The classic New Zealand-ness of his character may be lost on foreign audiences, but the enormity of his and Tenzing's achievement transcends all cultural lines.... More

There is plenty of commentary from the other people involved in the expedition, but the docu-drama benefits greatly from the decision to feature no talking heads - all we see on screen are dazzling, vertiginous reenactments and rare, illuminating archive footage.

The 3D enhances the agoraphobic expanse of the Himalayas for the most part, although some shots (like an extreme close-up of the eye belonging to the guy playing Hillary) seem a little redundant.Hide

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BY RealityCheck superstar

This was all about Sir Ed Hillary and his attempt at beign the first to climb Mt Everest in 1953. I fantastic doco, similar to 'Worlds Fastest Indian' (about Burt Munro), loveable tale and although not as complex as the book, I thoroughly enoyed it. A wonderful watch and I found it very inspiring. Great acting and of course spectacular scenery.
Genre : Biographical, adventure, doco
5/5 : From a filming aspect and acting under (what looked like) incredible conditions.

Learnt a lot. Not what I expected. A mix of old and new footage which was seamless. A good see that educates more than thrills, which is not a bad thing.

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  • The use of 3D scarcely deepens Beyond the Edge, a rote run-thru of Sir Edmund Hillary’s climb... the pic’s historical context is too limited to convey the event’s importance to those outside the mountain-climbing set. Full Review

  • A fabulous documentary. Tense, detailed account of a history-making expedition that is riveting and informative, it's absolutely fascinating. Full Review

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