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This movie was only moments away from greatness or at least mediocrity. But we didn't even get that because three factors - comedic timing, the editing and the music - all consistently missed the mark.

Why do the greenie/hippie/new age characters get all the good jokes?!

I was stuck deciding between 3 and 4 stars!
Sorta funny, nice scenery, sometimes a bit over the top!
Not scary at all, the non-reality of it makes it more funny than scary.
The special effects were great!!! Go Weta Workshop.
Acting was goodish, sometimes i think the actors displayed the wrong emotion.
Would recommend, especially to a member of another country.

i saw the perveiws and they just shoeed the best parts to the movie a left out that it was a repeting flim like other flims they try to make funny but just arnt

One of the few DVDs where I couldn't be bothered seeing it through to the end, or even halfway ... try half-an-hour.
Amateurish in production, direction and acting.
The joke is the local movie 'industry' clamouring for much-needed credibility (and funding) but stinging their patrons with trash like this one.

ok cool iconography we see nz on film excellent sound track great cinematography. Plot clearly based on improvisational theatre workshop.You know oliver driver and his mates are heavily into impro...funny ???? No .Interesting??? yes

Did not stop me eating lamb I dont recomment showing this film on inboard tourist flights the tourists are spooked enuf by our dogs!

I thought this might be funny, in an 'ain't new zealanders quaint and haven't we all learned something from peter jackson's early gore films'. answer no.

This was rubbish. Dissapointing, I wanted to like it, but its a one trick pony. Crazy, zombie sheep chase people, people run away, people get trapped, people escape - repeat 3 or 4 times. Film ends.

i really did try to like it. The previews for it were great and i did find myself laughing a few times.....but that is about it.

I just found myself bored too often for a comedy......sorry

I liked this movie. I believe it's a truely kiwi movie with truely kiwi humour. I think the special effects (by Weta Workshop) are awesome! Some very clever and funny jokes and moments that make you think "did they mean....oh they did!". Great, I can recommend this movie.

It was okay... short and occasionally funny.

The special effects were great. Very much reminded me of Braindead so if you liked that, you would probably like this too.

We want to like it, but if we're honest we know it's not very good. It's just not very funny, and not scary.

I saw Black Sheep at a media screening in January and it's really, really good.

A perfect mix between comedy and gore. Really funny.

I can't say much more except go and see it yourself. You'll enjoy it.