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BY Leigh19 nobody

Caught me by surprise, not my usual preference, but I was captivated! The cast were amazing; Rami Malek captured the loneliness always just beneath the surface. The songs were simply the best! A must-see people.

Watching this in a cinema is the closest some of us will get to the real Live Aid. To watch Malek's extraordinary performance on anything other than a huge screen wouldn't do this film justice. BR just gets better with repeat viewings and will instill a newfound love for Queen songs - leaving cinema-goers firing up Spotify as credits roll.

a moving portrayal of how freddie and queen reached for the stars .

Feel like your part of a stadium stomping your feet to "We Will Rock You". Rami Malek morphs into the enigma that is Freddy Mercury. Dive into his heritage that was never in the spotlight. His parents offer valuable insights into why Farrokh became Freddy. If you sit back and give in, this film will take you on a journey.

First half is epic! Then it drags a bit but the finish is good. Lacks a bit of explaining what is happening and no clear timeline so unless you know the story and history well you may get a bit lost here and there. Music of course is what saves this movie.

BY Barny superstar

The concert scenes - be it a small corner pub or Madison Square Gardens were electric. As a casual fan I couldn't tell where the creative liberties took over but the story rolled along at an enjoyable pace, a couple of corny parts here and there but easily forgiven as it was a fun ride. Yeah, I teared up near the end. The likeness of the all the characters and players of the day was pretty damn bang on for my money. I'm still bugged I gave SOLO such a high rating.

BY PercyM superstar

It's loud and sensational, with phenomenal performances throughout. However, along with its, rather weak, softer scenes, it won't completely rock you.

BY JackWallace superstar

A superficial, by the numbers biopic. Sure, a lot of movies based on actual events twist the truth to make the story more entertaining, but "Bohemian Rhapsody" is full of lies and I thought the changes were disrespectful to Freddie Mercury. The direction, colour grade and cinematography makes this look like something that was made for Netflix. The script is corny and contrived. While I enjoyed Rami Melek's performance during the 1985 Live Aid concert sequence, the fake stadium and crowds of... More people which looked like they were done using After Effects took me out of the film. The music is good, but "Bohemian Rhapsody" is pretty lame. You'll learn more about Freddie Mercury and Queen from watching documentaries, videos and reading books.Hide