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Drama / Fairytale/ crime thriller... This film makes you feel as much as it makes you think. It is rare for a film to engage your sensors as much or as well as is on offer in Border. We watched it tonight at the Sold Out (boutique) session at The Academy. A joy to watch with an audience, and a completely absorbing tale that is best watched knowing as little as possible. Warning - It may make you want to jump on a plane to Scandanavia so that you too can literally soak in the scenery.

Featuring maggot-munching, fridge-babies, and an uncomfortably odd sex scene, Border is based on a short story by Let the Right One In author John Ajvide Lindqvist. A Swedish slow-burn adult fairy-tale, it’s a dark riff on ‘The Ugly Duckling’, powered by a superb central performance by Eva Melander as a customs officer who literally sniffs out smugglers. Director Ali Abbasi delivers a strange yet compelling tale, let down by a glacial pace that helps build characters, but hinders in terms... More of a “twist” those familiar with folklore will have guessed long before it’s revealed.Hide