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BY Ponyboy lister

I really liked this film but it seemed like it was missing another thirty minutes. It should have been longer with a more developed story.

Nice movie ......good to see this movie....

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Taika Waititi's short OSCAR winning "Two Cars, One Night" was fabulous - so his first full length feature, "Eagle vs. Shark" was a bit of a let down. For a comedy it just wasn't that funny and it retrod ground that "Napoleon Dynamite" had already trod - to far funnier results. But in "BOY," Waititi hits the mark. Warm hearted, funny and beautifully shot - "BOY" is sure to establish itself as a Kiwi classic before it matures. Don't be an egg -... More see it for yourself and enjoy.Hide

BY waihinau nobody

It would be nice if a Kiwi film could rise above bad acting and cartoonish caricatures. Painfully slow movie that relies on mawkish nostalgia. I find nothing lovable or charming in a 'comedy' about the awful things adults do to children.

BY munchkin superstar

Good to see the eighties in a whole new light a funny and moving story

As a Pom I had difficulty relating to this film initially, but when I watched it again, it appealed to me in a variety of ways as it shows a boy, his dysfunctional dad and a wish to escape his humdrum life into Michael Jackson land. Kids are the same - you could have transposed this to anywhere in the world and met the same type of characters in similar settings wanting the best things in life - a great film.

Absolutely nothing wrong with this film but yes you probably did need to grow up in NZ in the 80s to fully appreciate it. Loved it, kids love it, brought the dvd, watched it many times & see different things in it everytime but the star of the show is most definitely ROCKY!!

fresh guys :)

It cracks me up how people reckon that this portrays māori in a negative way. Funny how no one mentions that Taika's other movie Eagle vs. Shark portrays pakeha as awkward. That's just his style. We laugh at our failures, mistakes and humanity. That's what we all share. Anyone who has never seen that side of New Zealand, might not get it, but there is truth in these movies and exaggerations. I can't see how one story about one kid in one rural part of NZ really can be seen as a representative... More of all māori. Honestly, does anyone think all pakeha are like Paul Henry because he's on TV? We love him as a character, it doesn't mean we agree with his way of doing things or think that everyone should follow his example. I think it's the same with boy. Personally I love the movie. I bought a copy of the DVD.Hide

BOy is a great film. I have to do a review on a film and i cant think of a better one for it!
Its sooooo funny but sad and i LOVE Rocky. I wanna have powers like him! Boy is a fantastic film and i can not wait to see it again!!!

This kiwi film shows the talent of NZ young and upcoming actors and a touching story of a father and his son. Brilliant.

this movie is fantastic....can't wait to watch it again and againand again

i think boyss a pretty crack up movie hha..:)))
rocky ( te aho) is really cute..i think i saw him at mc ds the other day.. not sure if it was him though...
i reckon darcy's pretty hot ,, hha yeah,, and taiata is funny as,,, keep it up guys,,, whens ur next movie xo:)

ROCKY is primo az! would love to meet him one day! hezzz cute azz xx

never thought some people could be sooo negative about who we are today. Maoris lifestyle is exactly how the movie shows. If your a maori and you dont think so you must of been bought up in pakeha world. Maoris are hard up and will smoke dope, escape jail but which culture doesnt? i admire this movie because it brings out that maoris can be bad at times but in the end its family that matters most.

So sad to see a small percentage of the reviews are filled with unhappy small minded people(EGGS) that just dont get growing up as a Maori or even a part Maori as they have never & will never experience that. So they put the race down & think it is always portrayed as poor. Many Maori & part Maori have grown up & had experiences like whats in the Boy movie & we wouldnt change one thing. Awesome memories. Never mattered if we had money or not as all that mattered was that we were happy & having... More fun/laugh. Awesome movie......loved it & it bought out the best in NZ film making. Kia KahaHide

loved it funny as! great for 11+

i think that boy doesnt highlight the greatness in new zealand Maori, we are not all like that at all and movies like this and once were warriors portrays to the rest of the world that all we do is sit around thinking or taking dope, in jail or unreliable iresponsible parents. yeah it may be funny to laugh at this sort of thing, but really when you see that people actually do this this way, doesnt that make you think? people dont understand what a drastic effect this can have on a culture... More because it just looks like we are a bunch of no hopers ! boy is influenced by his father to smoke and drink and to be in a gang "crazy horses" this actually happens? why would you want to encourage it and make a movie about it ? yes there is the POTENTIAL, but does anyone actually give a crap to do anything to change it ? NO its a way of life that has been lived for years upon years , but one thing that people need to realise is that it is not just in the maori culture that this is happening. but in "boy" this is portrayed , i do agree that it was a good movie however the ideas and themes unfortunantly were not. props for the effort but sometimes there are sensitive subjects that no one should even touch. especially when the maori culture is soo sacret and tapu, that is not a way that i want my culture to be represented, that is not the way i live or any of my ancestors lived, movies like the "river queen" are good representations of maori and their culture and land.Hide

Are the people that are writing in saying that this movie is depressing living in the real world? The fact is life is hard and quite often disappointing. And lots of kids in NZ and also all over the world live in hardship,with adults around them that don’t always do the right thing. Growing up in South Auckland in the 80's I totally get this movie and thought it was very funny. Loved the trip down memory lane but it also made me think about kids these days that may live in similar... More environments. But just because a situation is depressing or difficult doesn’t mean you can't laugh at it. And by laughing at it we aren't saying the darker themes in this movie like drugs and crime should be taken lightly. But this movie shows just how strong kids can be when faced with these things. And how they can overcome everything.Ive known heaps of kids like Boy and I hope that this movie has highlighted to the people that walk around in their fairytale lives that these kids are out there, and they are to be admired for their amazing character and strength not be looked upon with pity. I think this movie does a great job of paying tribute to this era in NZ and pays tribute to all the kids who grew up in situations similar to this and are awesome people despite the "bad stuff".Hide

I am Maori and in no way do I see the film as a negative depiction of us as a people. This film is a coming-of-age story and the themes shown can be related to by all walks of life whether you're Maori or not. To say that it is stereotypical is to say that ALL Maori grew up around drugs/alcohol/neglect etc - this is far from the truth. To me, it is an authentic piece of story-telling full of humour, heart and hope and its unfortunate that some people did not get that from the film.

does the movie come out in australia??

I was truely touched ,started crying within 5 minutes.Although there was a lot of sadness around what a loser the dad was and the circumstances, there was also hope and beauty.The humour lifted it to.I think Taita is brillant. I am surprised at some of the negative comments in other reviews.I think some people may tut tut if they don't understand. I hope this story reaches those who need to make changes in their own lives. I got it , thank you.

I miss goodnight kiwi and tv turning off at midnight. It's so funny how wordly and cool people (in general) thought we were in the 80's. So young and naive we were. 'Boy' just brought a flood of memories back, good and bad.

Hey Tuwharetoa, your only 16 so I'll let you comment go that "if your a pakeha you wont understand it" you have alot of growing up and learning to do. And to the 'proud maori - a piece of crap' that said "Another Once were Warriors" rip off. Are you sure you saw the right movie you egg. Reading these reviews it seems a lot of people missed the point of the story which to me was that as we grow older and realise that our parent/parents are human and prone to mistakes of their own that this can... More be a sad realization. It lost its way a little in the second half and could have done with a little tighter ending. But overall it made me laugh out loud one minute and have tears in my eyes the next. I thought the show was totally stolen by the actor that portrayed Rocky, I hope he contines to act. To the people that said it didn't offer much hope, who says movies have to? Sometimes, just like life....there isn't much hope. Especially reading the comments of some of the eggs above.Hide

Jese this movie is funny

i loved the spoon escape and mj dance moves
perfect movie lol :)

my name is Tahupotiki and this was the best movie it was really sad but also hallarious at the same time it is definitley an all time classic i love's just incredible i'm gonna watch it so many times and it also never gets boring they are great acters and its just so heart felt and choice....i love it it's full pro i reccomend it to anyone

OMG i love this movie its the bomb that litlle kid is sooooooooooo ADORABLE

i luv dis whole movie u need to make another on it was off da chain niga luv it shout out to micheal voka luv ya

I had seen the short 'Two cars' which was expanded into this major, and thought that it was the best item at an afternoon of shorts presented to cinema buffs.
In live stage, there have to be comedy moments to help the audience through the bleak bits (eg 'Fiddler'): much the same here (it also brings in an audience beyond arthouse lovers). Michael Jackson was an irrelevance. 3 months on, my main memory is of the progressive disillusionment of 'Boy', facing reality instead of daydreams.
My... More gripe: like all films about teenagers, it uses actors from an age range beyond the plot. Why not play 'Boy' as a 13 yo and Rocky as his own age? No 11 yo would be chasing that girl in that class (which had a bizarre range of ages).
The plot is universal, but many overseas audiences will get lost with the kiwi accent (but at least it was kiwi and not USA).
I thought than 'Indian' was too formulaic, with cameos just to bring in different audience groups.
'Boy' is much more thoughtful, and brings arthouse into mainstream, and deserves to do well outside of its country of origin. I am certainly recommending it to my friends.Hide

Hey, mate. I keep meaning to say how much I loved your film. My daughter (1 year old at the time) loves the song Poi-e and one of my fondest memories is of her waving a sock (toddler mock poi) during the closing credits and dancing.

A brilliant piece of entertainment, you should be glowing with pride!

I lovve this movie you kiwi's you desevre infinty over a hundred seen it 100000000000000000 times i think i lost count

this movie was a crack up as a 13yo i loved it i reckon there should be a second movie based on this one. Boy is gonna be my new boyfriend :)

Really like the way the characters were betrayed. The father was perhaps a little over dramatic. But the 2 sons were great. The imagery created with the drawings for the youngest wannabe super hero was reminiscent of a lot of the modern movies from the last 10 years but had a real kiwi edge. The rest of the kids cast was played really too. Hats of to the writer/director/dad to create such a wonderful movie to keep homegrown NZ movies on the map. Hope it goes as well overseas.

Kia ora ayee boyy!
mann dahh movie waszz gudd aye, jst full on crackin uhbb dahh whole tyme mann.
mann dattsz how we row broo.
bt yehh u tite aszz. oh well KAKITE =] meansz latasz

hi all the boy fans well if ur no then phuck you but yeaah

australia is gay samoa tonga and newzealand run this town

omgg i only seen a bit but crack upp hahahaha watched while at the familys house on sunday funny show funny show

I luvv this movie...
This is the most hectic movie eva!!!

whoa! new t.v! =] hahahaha!! .... takes me back to memory lane, i never realised how hori i sounded back then. .. can never get enough.

ka kite xx

Mannn, this movie was off the chain.Haha Had too many funny parts that brought back the memories and then the sad meories that make you want to hook your dad. haha But overall didnt complain because everyone I know can relate to this in there own way and we just have a laugh at how that was us when we were young but in South Auckland. haha "HEYY CHARDINNAY WANNA SEE SOME MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE MOVES" Hahaha too funnyy!! Suwoop.

haha, awesome movie .. great story to it. i am a 16 year old australian girl, and i really loved it. lots of people were saying to me ' you arent moari, you wont like it' , but thats not the case at all !
i loved the typical moari boys. they were hilarious.
cant wait for another moari film :)

Very very good movie. So true and soooo tragic. This is how sooooo many New Zealand Maori live. Very sad that the Maori people and culture lack pride and laugh at themselves in this way. Loved the kids. Just want to give them big hugs. Did not find the movie very humerous rather sad.

ithink if your a pakeha then you cant relate to the movie therefor you wont find it funny!
im 16 and and its such a funny, yet touching movie. hope they make another movie :D

BY Wice superstar

It’s not often I go to a movie and find the theatre packed . I had no expectations and no idea what the movie was about - even that it was an NZ production. It had been a last minute call to accompany a friend that got me there. As soon as it started however, the audience began laughing. A comedy? The majority of the audience seemed to find it hilarious for the most part although eventually the laughter did subside a little. However, most of what I witnessed I found quite sad –... More even painful - but each to his own. Regardless, whether you find this a comedy or a tragedy, the movie is definitely engrossing - to the point where people in the audience started clapping at various times - quite bizarre! Worth seeing, but for me – not warm fuzzies . In fact, had it not been for the surprise ending, I think I might have left the theatre feeling somewhat depressed! It is a month since I saw this movie and would love to see it again and see if the impression with which I was left is still valid.Hide

in reply to all those self righteous Maori haters stating, negative depictions of us as a race ....BACK UP!!! Myself i am a Maori,PROUD,HARD. Take a look at yourself, all the positive feed back, however you take this opportunity upon yourself as an individual to criticize beacause in your own opinion you know better.....DICK

A genuine funny kiwi comedy with great performances and a lot of heart.


i saw the review to it, looks mean. unfortunately im in Aus, and was wondering if it will be released here any time soon?? really really wana see it:)

I THINK THIS MOVIE DESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mean maori mean choice as movie love it man can watch it all day aye i my names aniwhaiora mahara waenga wharepapa ko maungaroa te maunga ko kereu te awa ko mataatua te waka ko te whanau a kaiao te hapu ko te whanau a apanui im 13 years old and my dads name is horo wharepapa i love boy its my favourite movie in the world im from the east coast and i live in wainuiomata lower hutt kia ora xx

Gave me soo much memories of when I lived down my beloved hicks bay, east coast...hicks bay is only 15 minute drive from waihau I related big time to the movie...loved it from the bottom of my heart...P.S.-To that guy BEN who said boy the movie was CRAP...FCUK YOU FCUKN DOG...Say that to a moaris face boyyy...sorry whanau...R.I.P MJ !!!

Twice as good as any American movie!

BY Tyle lister

This was a real touching film for me with some funny bits. Director a real talent along with the kids (all of them). Cried when the goat died and the kids comforted him. Best NZ film since "Whale Rider"


Good movie, funny, good acting even though we don't have those flash tutors etc like in the states, it just comes naturally and shows through the movie, tau ke!!!

To be honest it was a tad funny and a tad quite sad, they could at least been square maoris for once lol, there are some out there you know goh lol

the movie was alright wasnt as funny as "ifort" it was going to be . is was more emotional for me iguess but hey thats what ithink :] any way at the end of it all the movies OKAY !

Thiis Movie is Thee Shett!
Mean as!

This was one of the funniest movies i have ever sister and i were in fits of laughter, crying from laughter and nearly wetting our knickers...the movie theatre was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying the movie...Well done, the movie was primo!!

if u don't watch it ur a egg

Thank you "Boy". From my different culture point of view this is amazing movie about a world I love very much & try understand...

The high gross income and viewing of this film has been generated predominantly by non-Māori - why is that? Because this story supports their stereotype of dysfunctional Māori - it's lucky the colonists came to save from themselves. Once Were Warriors, Whale Rider, Boy - what's the common theme - dysfunctional Māori people/families. When is a "Māori person beats the odds and rises to great heights" movie going to be funded/made? eg a Māori Rocky movie? Bet you can't think of any... More candidates? How about the Whānau a Apanui Kapa Haka group? How about the East Coast Rugby team? How about entrepreneurs Travis O'Keefe (Health TV) or Jason Fox (Cultureflow)?

Come on Māori people - develop some critical thinking skills. If you want to watch pessimistic stories like Boy save your $15 - the same story is played on the TV News every night contributing to internalised and interpersonal racism.

There are great Māori success stories out there. Let's film those, celebrate those, and replicate those. The choice is yours.Hide

Reading everyones comments and wow they were intereting! This movie presented the east coast just the way it is from a childs view growing up there. Some people felt it lacked a story line but there it is like living day to day(simple living). with wit and humour to entertain you self and animals to enjoy as there is land all around its awesome.

doesnt deserve a rating. If i wanted to watch a film about rural living as a maori i could have taken a handy cam home and taped my own family. Not pay $20 to watch this crap. Another once were warriors rip off. Didnt feel proud to be maori afterwards. The world will think we are all dope smoking no hopers! Waihau bay and whanau apanui have much to be proud of and none of it was highlighted. Get a life waititi!

This movie is choice as,loved it!!

do not see it wiggles is better i hated everything about it p.s playhouse disney rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (watch it chanel 45)

Great to see home ! Sad to see the problems in a amazing place where you have to leave to have anything in life! First time seeing some of the new little cousins!
As always the family of Apanui Doing us proud X

this is the best movie ever ive seen it 16 times and am going again congrats taika and Ben huever you are as the great Boy said you're an egg

BY Brian1 superstar

Well acted, a little funny, but depressing. Realise i'm against the trends here, but why do we constantly present Maori in such a socially depressing and backward light.
Yes, they can be very funny, yes, they can be very natural, yes, life isn't always the way we would like it to be, but, why not intergrate some of the postives surrounding the culture and lifestyles of the race as opposed to the constant barrage of negative images. And to be produced by themselves, is this the best they can do... More to look at themselves and get us to!Hide

Love Love Love it!
5 stars!

A well acted and portrayed light comic feature film. Very impressed with the natural acting from the children in this film, you felt empathy and humour throughout. Waititi obviously wanted to keep the content light and humourous even dealing with, poverty, neglect and theft and did achieve that. Great use of 80's culture, music and slang..."egg!". Lovely to see a director give children the leads and trusted them to come good with their natural instincts. Waititi is a funny and humble actor.... More Probably a little slow in the middle, but was really great overall.Hide

Well worth a watch it has some great family scenes & really funny moments. Though be mindful it has quite a bit of swearing & scenes that wont be good for kids to watch. But well worth watching for the rest

crazy horses lol:)

A truly perfect, subtledly funny, unique view of life in NZ in the 1980's, when Michael Jackson was hero, kids hung out at the dairy, tattoos done in marker pen were the best thing EVER, and goats and old cars were the next best thing to having a best friend and a corvette. Don't expect belly-laugh humour, dramatic car chases, or stomping Orcs done in expensive wide-screen formats. This movie IS what it IS. It treats every moment, and person, with the respect they so need. Yes, even Boy's... More dad (Taika Waititi). Brilliant.Hide

Dammn. this movie is funni as man its is an AWESUM as movie and i reakon it da best maori movie EVER made


im better at my moves now ..

Very enjoyable movie. Half of the comments on here shouldn't be, namely those posted by the idiots who say things like "dis movie is mean as cuz!" The reviews should require approval before they are posted (to avoid having to read the crappy comments).

It was the most funniest and classic movie i have ever seen ... Its better than twilight and new moon .. no offence!!!

yeah this is a mean as movie one of the best ever made cuz. and um yeah really enjoyed this movie its all mean.

thanks hehe.

love mark waitokia
and AZARLEA WAITOKIA smells nar jokes haha

um.. it was real mean as and yup love it 5 star bro chear cuz haha mean as

Skillfully played characters and portrayal of humble small town coastal New Zealand.
A very well portrayed look at the not so distant past. Especially for someone like me.
Being part Maori and what I was brought up with brings me a lot closer to understanding this film in it's deeper moments, while others tended to treat it like a Hollywood comedy one moment and obviously seemed to lose themselves to oblivion and even boredom the next (their loss).
I found the film "BOY" very sad in a lot of... More ways.
There were very few times when I wanted to laugh, but only because I was more interested in the people/characters and the few and yet many resemblances to my own past and that of my own friends and family.
This film portrays for me the things you had in youth, but lost when you reached adulthood/maturity...whatever you call the enthusiasm, imagination, ignorance, hero worship, (and the stupid and hurtful things you said and did to your family and friends...added with the hero worshiping of your dad who was strong, your favorite uncle who knows everything or older worldly cousin who's been everywhere you haven't and comes across as a super hero character straight out of a comic book) and then you suddenly wakeup one morning as old as they were then. And realise you don't have too many heros left... they all seem to have moved on or died. You've lost touch with childhood friends, and your brother/s, sisters and cousins you spent all your youth with have seperate lives to you.... with their own children/families to raise.
Youth is never waisted on the young, they just don't appreciate their youthful views of the world till it's gone.
I wonder what my nieces and nephews will remember about their youth!... will they have any heros that don't come from the tv sports channel... will they remember fondly the ghosts of their past like I do now... will they remember to honor their parents and grandparents who did so much for them. will they understand how the hard times made them stronger. Will they sit down with their family and say things like "do you remember when...."
So why do I value so highly a film that only seems to stir within me a longing for a past I can't have.
Because "BOY" reminds me where I came from....the good times, the bad times, the times when you had not much of anything.....and the people who shared that time with you and made your life a lot more interesting.

Regards Allen Murray Davis
(Ko Taranaki Te Maunga)
(Ko Te Atiawa Te Iwi)Hide

My brother who was back in NZ after many years overseas and I went to this little gem. We both loved it. I would rate it the best NZ movie I can recall seeing. The acting was wonderful, the humour subtle, and the story full of poignancy. Only a Maori director could have got away with what was portrayed in this film, but it left you thinking about its meanings and messages long after you left the theatre. I do hope a soundtrack is released.

I fricken love this movie man its crack up as. man i wish there were more movies like this. Far if you dont like it your either racist or fricken gay. I love it so much man

Like a lot of people, I felt that the plot structure of 'Boy' was a bit weak. It didn't really have a third act, for a climax and satisfying conclusion. But otherwise? The movie gives a wonderfully rich and recognisable sense of place and time, and I found the characters and their portrayal entertaining, relatable and in many cases downright adorable. (My mother couldn't stop cooing over Rocky.) It's enormously likeable, and I hope we get to see the young actors in future production. Taika... More Waititi is clearly finding his groove as a director and I look forward to more of his work.
So many little throwaway jewels - my favourites were 'Maori Smurf' and 'Can he actually speak?'Hide

I think it shows how well liked this movie really is when you see how much positive feedback its getting here, and very little negative. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I guess you'll always get some major eggs in the basket.
Maybe the people that say that the movie has no story or that the children had no guidance are the ones that were brought up in the city and had no sense of adventure when they were young. My siblings and I were raised on the farm where you'd disappear in the... More morning and not get home til dark-cos that's what kids do, we had similar people around us, an uncle that told me his car had a turbo boost button but it only worked when he drove by himself, the little Maori kid that came to school one day with a mowhawk that his older brother gave him.
Thats why I like this movie, real characters that we can relate to, in a real world, in our real country.

Well done Taika and all the others on this movie.Hide

The best New Zealand film for quite some time. Wonderful performance from the largely-nonprofessional actors. Downright funny at times but has an underlying seriousness that gives the film depth and complexity. Very moving at times too. I loved every minute of it!

This movie is a true insight into our culture, great to see so many people have memories in there lives which they can relate to in this movie. BOY tells a tale which im sure most maori boys in the 80s could relate too. Its hits home in the right spot...Total Krak up...When is it released in OZ???? Whanau would love a special screening!

I struggled to smile and felt saddened by the imagery in this film. I can't understand what the director was trying to say and why he made it. The contrast between the beauty of the land and the poverty of the people who lack spiritual significance and culture in their life just reminded me about all the things wrong in our society. I wish I could laugh at this movie and I admit there are some moments I enjoyed but overall it cut a bit close to the bone without offering any real vision of hope.

Ignore Ben and others who put this film down - I think they are lacking some brain cells.

Dragged a little at the end, but one of the best films I've seen in the last 5 years.

great movie, however i did not find all parts funny, some very touching scenes. overall best movie ive seen.

BOY, was this movie a good one, the way the children speak and act is just a reality time in life, being brought up in the south side, just reminded me of the old days, for example siting inside a old recked car, girls wearing dress, boys in stubbies, living with karani lol, Partying with our parents...... Mean Memories, i rate this movie 100 over 100 YO!

Being from there and remebering the 80s and able to relate on all levels seeing home and absolutely enjoying the movie well done do another asap
we are all eggs ha ha

taika waititi has created a very honest insight into many a child's life. thanks for the laughs.'re an egg

Boy is such a funny, touching story - and the boy who plays Rocky is a convincing little actor! Yeah, I've seen it 3 times ;D


dis movie is crack up bro

the movies funny haha , bout time they made a movie like this , chuuuur love it .

Great to see a movie closer to the heart and even closer to our shore line, wicked a must see a great kiwi movie!

It was so cool and halarious but there really was no storyline and parts of it made me want to just walk out. If there had been some sort of plot or storyline I would have given it 5 stars but it wasn't that incredible.

Great movie i loved it! Very real and very well made, Clever guy is our Taika! Cant wait for it to come out on dvd. Cant wait for him to make another movie

This movie reminded me so much of my life as a 7yr old in Rangiriri. We are of Maori descent and my cousin lived with us for a time. We both went to the same school and in the same class and he insisted I check his 'ducks tail' and Elvis flick assisted by Brylcream before we went to school each day. He along with his mate Johnstone Tauhou rolled up the lining on their wool grey shorts and rolled down the tops of their gumboots. Dean owned a pretty good set of pram wheels with a green willow... More aerial and we lived the imaginary life of Hollywood but on cows milk from the vat and two weetbix, homemade bread from the Champion wood oven with lard and plum jam sometimes with ants in. We dreamed a lot and smoked grandads tobacco in the haystack. This movie took me back and I laughed till I cried. Yes and even the violence was a self reflection but hey, we're all ka pai!Hide

Very well acted.
That's what I realise I appreciated about this kiwi yarn

Simple story with great natural acting.

You ever see Dustin Hoffman act naturally?

These kids do. Exactly as envisioned.

Love the movie funny & a sad life love where it was filmed Waihau Bay where my grandson mother is buried.
I agree bring back poi e....

Good kiwi comedy colourfully pasted over a canvas of tragedy with social issues still unchanged today.

i laughed, i cried. was the best movie i have seen in a long long time. sick of all the rubbish action movies and far out science fiction stuff. something a little closer to home and more real way way way better. Most excellent.

awesome movie one of the funniest ive ever seen, really good that its a nz film and bring back poi e!!

kia ora

Absolutely fantastic Taika! I saw it whilst back home for the weekend and hope that is screens in Australia too. Great work

I thought this was one of the best movies I've seen in a while: honest, beautiful and I loved the children's perspective. Please please go and see it!!!! Truly worth every penny and then some. My only regret is that is isn't showing in Aust, wish my family could go see it.

BY steveisatree superstar

Love Taikas style. Fab film. Probably not for the average mainstream film-goer.

like 'Once were Warriors' it told us nothing we didn't already know. Why would we want to watch it. Very talented acting though

If I could rate this movie minus 100 I would. Weak acting, weak story line, weak photography an insult to the viewing public. I would be ashamed for overseas audience to see this movie. Once again CRAP

He uri hoki ahau no Te Whanau a Apanui

Ka rawe! Tino pai rawa atu Taika. You and your team rok!

Can't wait for it to come oud on DVD.


Fantastic! Mostly funny, but with some really sad bits in it. Very realistic & very kiwi. Loved it. Kiwi films are getting better & better

Agree with the NZ Herald review, this is a really great 5 Star movie!

Finally saw this film, it deserves 6 stars+, what a funny, heartfelt brilliant film, can honestly recommend to absoulutely everyone 8-80

I'm all for supporting kiwi films, but this was incredibly slow. Yes it brings a smile to see the old 80s gear and sayings, the kids are cute, the acting good, but there is no storyline and nothing really happens. Cute, but slow, 3 stars.

Heard great reviews about this movie. Finally saw it. Was not disappointed at the least. I come from the era when kids had free speech and nothing was pc. what you see is definitely what you get. Absolutely loved it. Haven't laughed at the movies like that for ages. Who cares about the story lines characters their roles the effect they had on the storyline at the end of the day it was just outright bloody hilarious. LOVED the Thriller piece at the end. You got OSCAR from me Bro.

I am amused by reviews which point to a lack of storyline. The film deals with some heavy issues facing our kids these days with humour and thought. Beyond that, if you are a true Kiwi, the film is hilarious from beginning to end. Would watch again and again. Ka Pai!

BY Michael7 lister

At last NZ film makers deliver something light and hilarious!

Instant icon.

One of the best movies ive seen in a while.
Im from the Coast and in my thirties so this movie where really took me back.
I think Taika did so well -- with the budget and time constraints associated with making a film like this in a tiny town on the Coast with a cast made up of kids who have never acted before ... i think this movie will be one il come back to again and again.


Is this movie coming to australia?

Oh the days when life was simple, wearing flip flops and stubbies everywhere! Loved it!

i love it best movie ever

BY Ken-Burns superstar

Inspirational and laugh out loud moments make this such a heart warming story. A lovely part of family life that has never been touched on in this way. Sure it has it's dangerous parts but they are easy to live through

The movie was great! the actors were perfect was just marvelous.
No way was this a disappointment Paul.
What you see is what you get and to say it was a disappoinment just describes what sort of person you are.

Way to go Taika

Was this meant to be a comedic version of Once Were Warriors?

First half hour fun but the rest of the movie was confused. The father Alamein was painful to watch and it really did get a bit stupid and confused. Should have been kept simply a comedy as the dramatic side was silly.


Will this movie be shown in the States???

BY Mereana1 nobody

I loved this movie, so funny, yet heart warming and thoughtful. Dad (Alamein) is such a loser, bad guy and bad dad, but a real loveable and likeable loser. luv the surprise ending too.

Fantastic acting and storyline. Made me laugh, cry and cringe. Just another movie showing the great talent we have in our own backyard.


Boy was a pleasant surprise. Although it was about a dysfunctional family there was little actual violence in the family (most instigated by the boy against his father) and a reconciliation at the end. The main child actors were absolutely terrific. Waititi's movie is surprisingly mature and adept. The conclusion not simple or cliched, nor does he take the simple way out of resorting to some sort of blood bath.

I agree, not one to be overanalysed. huge value in the humour. sorry the drugs were 'normalised' but maybe this is a healthier alternative for our country in the long run? How clever is Taika? Go man go see you next to green lantern!

Boy is so close to the reality which I saw growing up in a small town in the 1980's that I thought i'd been transported back. Incredible costuming, props and such a typical situation in Maori families portrayed brilliantly. Anyone who grew up in the 80's will treasure this film!! and so will everybody

It was like the film makers walked in to a house and started filming. Very believable and like going back in time.


Feel-good movie of the year. Got that 80's vibe effortlessly with a hilarious cast, great scenery and 'on the spot' language, I personally (well, along with all my mates) found this movie a great comedy with a real moving cast. After the movie we went quoting the movie to each other and to strangers who would reply, laughing and loving this easily remembered film. Classic.

On a recent visit from Australia I was fortunate to see BOY. A fantastic movie. Made me laugh, cry. Overall had a big emotional impact on me. Send it over here to the West Island soon.
Taika Waititi - YOU RULE.


awesome awesome awesome

kia ora,
That was awesome man,you have to see it.The best movie out this year.Fantastic,They had no barget for that movie.That was awesome.poi e

The movie was brilliant.Top class acting by the kids, fantastic Director. A movie that was funny and haunting.A must see movie

WOW! I loved it from start to finish. So real and so wonderfully acted. The "boy" should get an Academy award for this movie- fantactic!
Having holidayed on the East coast all my life, there was only one thing missing- kids waving from the side of the road at cars going past. Awesome!

Yes it has great comidic moments but it fails as comedy. The children and the beginning and the end of the film saved it from its pervading bleakness. Alameins character is disfunctional- his presence in the film disturbing. The woman - barely sketched in - absent Gran, the hard working auntie and the boys deceased mother are the smallest threads of stability in the childrens lives that deserved to be teased out to make sense of the otherwise weak story line

I really enjoyed this NZ film which brinqs back the times back in the 1980's it had rwally qood actinq and had sad and funny parts which cracked me up im would be happy and would be watchinq it if i had the DVD. awesome and qreat movie. 5 stars Wonderful.. TU MEKE

awosome awsome awsome

Best movie I've seen in a long, long time. It was so nice (as a Pakeha) to see Maori family life portrayed in such a beautiful way for a change. I thought the two main actors were simply fantastic.

I have to say the Flicks review is exactly right. Great movie with a few small issues that the review points out. Can't add anything more, except for go see the movie. :)

Brilliant..."Two cars one night" is a must see before the film. This one will be a hit!

Terrific film - wonderful mixture of humour and pathos from a superbly-talented director and cast. It's a film to be enjoyed, not picked apart by 'critics' with agendas. The audience applauded at the end of the screening I attended - that's because it's a 'feel-good' film made to be enjoyed - not a 'text' to be analysed as some sort of cultural artefact. Deserves to do brilliantly at the box office - see it!

Well I think I saw the best parts in the first part of the film 30 minutes in ,and most of it was in the trailer and previews of the movie.
Great scenery and music but think the relied heavily on the cuteness and the acting of the young stars.It really had no real story line,and from the half way it got rather boring and silly.
And the sudden end!Perhaps they had run out of ideas.
A very big let after a much waiting for its release.

Loved it loved it loved it. Esp the slumdogesque finish :) Don't wanna ruin it, but that's one additional reason to why I'd be buying the DVD when it comes out!

Touching, hilarious, fabulous and the young actors were so brilliant that I sometimes find myself thinking "I wonder how Rocky and Boy are????" Saw it two nights in a row and am so proud of Taika and co for making such a wonderful piece of work for us kiwis.

The most touching, honest and engaging Kiwi film of all.

I agree with Flicks review. Firstly, I loved the movie for the trip down memory lane - they had all the 80s stuff right - it was like being transported back there, with the clothing, the hairstyes, music, money lol and gears (1st microwave) and everything. The acting was also superb. What I thought could have made this movie awesome was the balance between comedy and seriousness. It was like it was just straight funny for the first half hour than the laughs after that were far and few in... More between. Also, the ending could've been handled better, the Nanny shouldve kicked Alameins arse lol.. Go and see it everybody!Hide

True Kiwi - fantastic movie and very nostalgic

this is a good movie i havnt seeen such a good movie in a long time

Absolutely Great movie, showed the highs and lows of a family thats never connected. hilarious and down to earth and the actors were fantasic! go kiwi films!! Definately reccomend to all

This movie took me back down memory lane, it made me laugh & laugh until I cried, and I cried because I was so moved by the emotion of the film...we went to the 6.30 session, then straight after that we went to the 8.30 session. I have hightly recommended this movie to all mates at work and my whanau all around me! TU MEKE..


this movie was awsome i went with two of my mates. we had fun. the movie was good because it gave grip to you pulling you in to keep watching. johnny deep did awsome i love him lots he did awsome!

Top class acting from unknown children, I truly hope they go on to other acting perfromances. Taiki was great as a caring but somewhat absent father figure. Really touching moments. Go and see it, it was better than I thought!!! Great directing as well.

This movie is fantastic....cant wait to watch it again and again and again!