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BY bigspendakev superstar

A timeless masterpiece that stands the test of time and the film that portrays Audrey Hepburn's Beauty and talent to its full extent . Just shows that old movies still are good after all these decades

BY Stuart-Bland superstar

It contains some ugly anachronisms, but Blake Edwards is at his funniest in this iconic classic, and Audrey Hepburn absolutely lights up the screen.

There are few films that can make you laugh cry and feel that you are watching something historic. BAT is one of these and missing this on the big screen would be a crime to the industry that has lost sight of what it should be doing with the medium.
Yes there are parts of the film that were of their time, but maybe thats the charm.....sit back and enjoy, engage the heart and not the brain.

BY pbrycep wannabe

This film has no claim to being a classic and people need to wise up. Calling this Audrey Hepburn's finest moment is doing her a serious misjustice. If you want her funny, see " Charade ". If you want her charming, see " Roman Holiday " and is you want her moving and serious, see " The Nun's Story ". This film is racist, sexist and nasty. You can't excuse it as being a product of its time - even then they knew better. Yuck.

What more can I say?

this is it. the classiest most stylish movie of all time. we need more of these stunning classics back. the most elegant actress of all time audrey hepburn is simply magical...amd wahat a joy it is to see her up on the big screen. looking breathtaking. the timeless music is fantastic. go see this now....sit back in your seat and enjoy once again the beauty of audrey,the music.and the pure entertainment that is and will always be a breakfast at tiffanys!!!!