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BY KatieF superstar

Kristen Wiig, from now on you should always be the leading lady. Absolutely hilarious movie.

BY Whitney lister

This is an awesome girly movie!! It had me in histericks the whole way through!! I laughed about it for days with my girlfriends!! A laugh a minute!!!

BY stacky nobody

The first 15min I was cringing at the improvisation and wondered what I had gotten myself into! It was brilliant! A must see for a great laugh

BY TTWhaiti lister

I enjoyed it, my partner hated it so is a chick flick but a good one to watch when you just want to chill out and have a laugh

BY GrahamP superstar

Enjoyed it.A light story with lots of laughs.Not just for the girls.

BY Eva wannabe

Fantastic movie, have not laughed so much in a long while. Will appeal to both guys and gals.

My friend and I laughed hysterically, like school girls at this movie!
At first I thought it was going to be a stinker, but it turns out there are some boring bits inbetween the incredibly funny bits.
The groom's sister Megan (Melissa McCarthy) is sooo funny, she made the movie for me.
If you are having a girly movie night with a few wines this is a must!

I love Wigg in SNL so thought this would be pretty funny . . . I was quite wrong; it was very good! The jokes were literally laugh out loud and the story was one I have never seen in a movie before.

The whole theatre was laughing out loud at some of the funny moments in this movie. Very 'obvious' physical humour but well worth a watch. I heard it referred to as 'Hangover' for girls, but I loved Hangover (as a girl) and reckon guys would get a laugh out of this one too. Some gross moments, some hilarious moments and some frustrating moments. Superb casting all round. What I loved was how many different 'favourite' parts the group of us who went to see it all had. I loved the 'getting the... More cop's attention' scene (driving by him) while others loved the gross-out in the Boutique, to the plane (Marshall moment) and so on, so many funny moments to choose from.Hide

BY Gerd superstar

But over all to flat and nothing like the trailer promises.

I was looking forward to this film, despite the abysmal trailer, being a fan of SNL and Kristen Wiig.

While there were definitely parts of the script that didn't really work for me humour-wise (the British roommates seemed like just an excuse to get the Little Britain actors in their line-up) there were other parts I found side-splittingly funny. Other parts were over-the-top cringe-fests.

Overall though, I think there was a good mix of humour in the film; so a chance you'll find... More something to laugh at loud at; no matter what tickles your funny bone.

All the actors delivered fantastic performances; from the lead Kristen Wiig to the love-interest cop played by Chris O'Dowd, to the gorgeous Rose Byrne.

Not really comparable to The Hangover; like others have said - for me this was a good thing - it touched into people's relationships a little deeper and the characters were all a bit better developed then The Hangover; even if production values were not quite as high.Hide

BY clararar superstar

I finally saw this after rave reviews from female friends who'd seen it (some more than once), and I'm pleased to say I didn't come out disappointed. The thing that really makes this movie is Kristen Wiig's standout performance. While there were some over the top, cringey, gross-out moments, and plenty of celebrity cameos, they worked to complement instead of take over from the heart of the story - Annie. Wiig, and in fact the whole cast managed to bring a believability to all the characters.... More Also, great call to cast Chris O'Dowd as the nice guy policeman, those characters often end up generic and fade into the background, but he really injected some interest into the role, and had easy chemistry with Wiig. While I wouldn't go as far as to say all guys will love being dragged along to this one, it's definitely set a high bar for other romcoms/chick flicks that'll be hard to beat. Let's just hope they don't kill this with sequels!Hide

BY Jade-Francis superstar

The hangover is just crude, this movie crudness has class and has jokes that are funny not just rude.

Not only a chick flick, your boyfriends will love this movie

BY ps2tan lister

Got dragged to this by my partner, it had funny moments and the highlight were the british actors that showed up all the actresses. Wouldnt recommend this for anyone unless you enjoy getting bored and enjoying the booms of transformers in the theater next door.

Very very funny - well worth going to for both guys and girls.

BY Polygurl lister

This movie was full of laughs! I went to see it because someone told me it had a lot of similarities to Hangover (which I loved), but I don't think it did.. It totally stood on its own.

I was expecting a pretty vanilla movie seeing as the trailer seemed pretty low key, but it definitely was OUT THERE and had me laughing from start to finish.

By the way, I saw this movie with my boyfriend and he enjoyed it too, so it's not just for the girls!

BY Jordan superstar

Bridesmaids has been on my radar for awhile. Already a fan of Kristen Wiig's work on Saturday Night Live, I was hooked on the idea of a look into the life of a Maid Of Honour as hilarity ensues. Of course the hilarity I'm talking about is that which is ramped up to level 9000!

This movie was that, no doubt, but it was also so much more.

Written by Kristen Wiig herself (along with Annie Mumolo), they manage to pen a story that has the viewer not only enjoying the jokes that are thrown at us,... More but what is also the unravelling of a 30 year old woman as she feels stuck in a moment in her life.
Yes, this may be more chick flick than comedy, but the balance they strike between what is happening to Annie (Wiig) as she falls apart and the hilarious situations created around her makes this film great on so many levels.

With a great supporting cast; Maya Rudolph, a fellow SNL alum providing the needed support in the role of the bride, Ellie Kemper assuming the role of the innocent amongst the group, Melissa McCarthy bringing a certain feminine masculinity to her role along with some of the best pieces in the film, Wendi McLendon-Covey as the longtime married mother of 3 growing boys and Rose Byrne as the contrast to Annie.
Along with the strong female cast, we have 2 leading males in Jon Hamm playing a great bastard and Chris O'Dowd who was inspired casting playing the love interest (If you don't know his work, he's from a little known comedy called "The I.T. Crowd").

If you've seen the trailers for this film and want to see it for the humour, you will get this. But you will also get a great look at a time we can all relate too, a time when you feel all your cards have been dealt and you have no idea what your next move in life is.

And that, for me, is what really makes this movie shine.Hide

BY Sarah29 superstar

Lots of laughs, but definitely not one for the boys!

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

Shouldn't compare to Hangover - it doesn't have the same screenplay or vibrancy of location/atmosphere to it (can see it didn't have the same budget for a vibrant backdrop).

But I see why some people do compare:

If you LOVED Zac AKA Wolf man in The Hangover, you will love Melissa as Megan!! Kristen Wiig kicks ALL the characters BUTTS with her natural wit, you even laugh at her when she's not doing anything funny!

The only two BIG differences between Hangover and Bridesmaids is that 1) the... More movie is dominated with girls and the jokes tend to relate to girls a bit more, and 2) the 'bridesmaids' title is a bit inaccurate - it doesn't feature the 'bridesmaids' much at all so don't expect the group dynamics to be the BEST part (except the food poisoning scene, where I feel that is the only time the mother and the Disney obsessed character deserved to be in the film).

Expect Saturday Night Live comedy, and expect Kristen Wiig to be on screen with only 1 or 2 other characters for MOST of the movie.

I recommend this movie to those that love Kirsten Wiig and/or SNL. If you don't know either of these - then I am sure most people in New Zealand can relate to 'The Lonely Island' (I'm on a boat) humour - the lead singer of this group is also in the SNL cast (but his sense of humour is a bit more slapstick and not as piss your pants funny like Kristen - who is deemed the BEST cast member at present).

A trully great movie, which boys could also get at least one piss your pants moment throughout. Watch out for the three main characters (Anne, Lillian and Megan) for your laughs.

Lastly, this movie is NOTHING like the trailer (much) THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. The humour is much more out there - with the best parts of the movie happpening a bit after the trailer snippets cut off!

Not a movie for the kids - it finally brings a female like humour up to the frankness of Hangover and such comedies of today!(Though not consisting of the same production budget which would've added to the background settings and atmosphere/scenery a bit).

Still -- a 5/5 thanks in large part to both Kristen and Melissa HAHA Hillarious!Hide

There are so many things in this trailer that are not in the movie! Like that kid at the end...that scene isn't even in the movie I just saw!

also..they make the trailer out like it's kind of a female version of The's not! it's about one woman hitting rock bottom because so much is wrong in her life.