Captain America: The First Avenger 3D

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger 3D

06 Sep 11

Good old fashioned fun

After The Wolfman I was delighted to see Joe Johnston back on form with an entertaining romp which abandoned this incessant need to make comic book movies either dark or ironic, and instead went back to the roots of what it is to be a comic book hero. It was like a good old fashioned adventure in the style of Indiana Jones or Superman with a little Inglorious Basterds, it flaunted it's fun with an innocent charm, it felt like a movie of traditions, and Chris Evans was perfectly cast as this hero, the every man, the little guy with a big heart. When I first saw the trailer I wasn't quite sure he could pull it off, the CGI of the little Steve Rogers jarred with his bold, commanding voice and I thought, alongside Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, it was going to be another campy comic book caper in the model of The Spirit. However, I was surprised, from the moment you first see Rogers, you can relate with him, he is just a guy, a guy you can root for, and Evans pulled it off marvelously. With that initial hurdle over I was willing to follow it wherever Johnston was willing to take it, and with a tight script and some fine performances all round (even Weaving's character manages to avoid the camp factor somehow), it was entertaining fun from start to finish.

Of course there were a few flaws to the movie, mostly down to it's obvious setting up of The Avengers movie, it felt less so like an origins story and more like a prequel. It felt like it was the precursor to the real thing coming next year, and that it was holding back a little. And as well as being a little to derivative of previous movies, it also sagged a little in the middle after an awesome introduction, falling back on montages of Rogers in action rather than trying to expand the story a little more. But still, these were not major issues as for the most part it was just what one could hope for in a blockbuster, it was a pure comic book movie, an underdog movie which upheld the little guy, a movie which praised bravery and was full of heart and patriotism, and most importantly, it was a hell of a lot of fun.