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BY aleanaf lister

Captain Marvel gained immense pressure to excel well as its first female lead in a MCU film.
The character was strong and determined but lacked a bit in terms of personality, although was contrasted with the humour given by Samuel L. Jackson's 'Nick Fury'.
It's a solid start for an origin story with some awesome action sequences and light hearted moments between characters
The cinematography and tone of the film could have taken more advantage of the 90s Top Gun Vibe froma directorial stand... More point but I still enjoyed watching this film and am excited to see more of her in future film.Hide

BY PercyM superstar

You will Marvel at it's heartfelt characters, feel-good tale and (most of its) visuals and action soon as she fires up.

But a solid origin story, with charm and heart. Action directing was average, and would have loved a bit more of a "Top Gun" vibe in the aerial action. But enjoyable, and I'm sure very inspiring for younger viewers.

BY amydaisy superstar

This film had some surprisingly great comedic moments, and Larson & Jackson's chemistry was lovely to watch. I think any marvel fan will enjoy this but especially females that finally get to see a film centered around a female character .
Also some really great 90's throwbacks/references.

A good, not great, entry into the Marvel Universe. Some decent comedic moments lift what is otherwise a pretty generic origin story. Film-goers will be rewarded with a neat Endgame tie-in. Let's just hope Brie Larson's Captain Marvel can establish herself as something more unique in coming entries.