Documentary from Melbourne archivist and filmmaker Sari Braithwaite, stitched together entirely from film footage cut by Australian censors.

"Filmmaker Sari Braithwaite gained unprecedented access to Canberra’s archive of clips cut from international films screened in Australia between 1951 and 1978. She pieced together [CENSORED] from these never-before-seen snippets of visual vice. Entertaining and provocative, [CENSORED] challenges audiences with questions that defy easy answers: about how we feel about censorship, the power of cinema and complicit role of the spectator. It is the story of how one filmmaker delved into an enormous archive to reckon with film, censorship and the power of the gaze." (Sydney Film Festival)

2018Rating: R16, Violence, sexual violence, sex scenes, nudity & offensive language63 minsAustralia
DocumentaryFestival & Independent
Sari Braithwaite ('Homebound')
Sari Braithwaite
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