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Monsters v Aliens was more believable... it had more three-dimensional characters too and better acting and script... Still, one bIG star for Harrison Ford being grumpy! Honestly, watch Harrison in STAR WARS (all three); INDIANNA JONES (all four), BLADE RUNNER, THE FUGITIVE and MORNING GLORY - heck EVERY FILM he ever did! The guy has three expressions: perplexed, bemused, annoyed. Love him. He's this generation's John Wayne. Other than Ford? This is popcorn production at its worst - predictable... More and dull as TRANSFORMERS 2 or 3. If you liked those - you'll love this. As uninspired as IRON MAN 2 and even less fun. Shame. The comic books were fun and the title rocks. But alas, what promised to be a fun movie on the lines of INDEPENDENCE DAY IN THE WILD WEST turns into THE WILD WILD WEST - and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

... no wonder Harrison's so grumpy!Hide

BY Gerd superstar

Andrew Hedley obviously believes that holding on to the arty farty stile of the pony tailed guy of the late 70ths is important. Just don't believe him, go and see it!

BY Helen5 nobody

A movie that stays true to traditional west but this times aliens enter in to colonize. The ironic twist is met with some good old fashion male ego clashing and gun slinging.

BY JamesN grader

Firefighters & Trolls. Harrison ford and Daniel Craig make a great duo.

BY bigspendakev superstar

If you go into this with low expectations you will be pleasantly suprised its awesome to see Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford as a bad guy its certainly a lot differnt to your usual movie fodder and a cool title to one to see

BY redleisa nobody

The title put me off for a long time- it sounded so cheesy. But it was quite a good movie with great acting from Daniel Craig and my fav of the movie, Harrison Ford, playing the bad guy comes good cattle baron. Interesting concept, yukky mean aliens abductions and cowboys joining forces with Native Americans, made it a refreshing change from the usal hollywood fodder. However the end gets a bit typical american scripting, over all, a good film to watch for some fun.

BY Eva wannabe

Did not expect too much, went along with someone else who wanted to see it. Really enjoyed it, the aliens vs Indians scenes were a bit weak, but the story was interesting.

BY Om grader

when you look like Daniel Craig in those leather cowboy chaps? Everything apart from that is mediocre and that's giving it more credit than it deserves.
And those aliens are seriously ugly. Very unpleasant things to look at.
For a mind-numbing experience after a hard day of intellectual work.

BY spaceman superstar

walked into the cinema with very low expectations...but wasn't too bad in the end. lots of action, special effects and a few laughs along the way!

BY Ken-Burns superstar

Daniel Craig is a full on action hero. It's very different from what I thought it would be. It's worth sitting through until the end.

This is an action movie fan's action movie. So if you're looking for a well-developed story line, or some character development, look elsewhere. If you want cowboys, aliens, lazers, UFOs, hot babes and massive explosions, roll on up and join the party! W00T

BY Aidan1 superstar

This movie was awesome it's nice to see Daniel Craig in another movie it will be a long time until the next James Bond movie and Dainel Craig & Harrison Ford have such great chemistry they are so funny and Olivia Wilde was awesome as well. It was also nice to see Jon Favreau driecting he's also a actor as well.

Favreau's latest should be titled Cowboys then Aliens, for it starts off as a Western and slowly turns more sci-fi-ish as it trucks along. Daniel Craig plays the-man-with-no-name role, proving to be the only real interesting character in the film. That is, until you actually find out his name (and back story). Olivia Wilde simply hangs 'round the cast to say "Hey, how's it going?" before whipping out the magical plot-twist of bulls***. The plot and side characters are more straightforward than... More the instruction manual for my toaster. Yes, you'll get cowboys fighting aliens, but it shouldn't be this generic.Hide

BY RexH superstar

Looks like it could be a good one with two capable actors in the lead and directed by John Favreau with Spielberg as Exec. But I'm concerned that there are no less than five writers involved in the script, which could lead to a cut & paste affair with little coherance. Adapted from yet another comic (sorry, graphic novel) Are there no original ideas left in Hollywood? Well the trailer looks good and I think the concept is great, if not entrely new, so will probably check it out, cashflow... More permitting!Hide