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BY ratty nobody

I haven’t been to a ‘horror’ movie in years so decided it was high time to be scared witless again. Hence I went to see Crawl. It was a bit edge of the seat, but only in the sense you knew what was going to happen…and it wasn’t pretty. I never realised that a person could survive quite a long time after being ripped apart by an alligator, after losing all limbs, being left with just a head and torso, but remaining conscious enough to scream blue murder…..I will feel reassured if I... More ever come face to face with an angry croc that I will live long enough to enjoy the experience! I’m an orthopaedic nurse so was excited to see how to repair an open fracture of a tibia using a very large spanner and belt…I will add this to my work arsenal which I think should reassure my patients…everyone will be pleased to know the heroine manages to escape the horror house, only to be caught on a tidal wave and swept back in….I thought, oh no, I can’t take any more of this…..anyway it rolls quickly to a happy ending but I won’t tell you if the cute puppy gets his comeuppance or not… will have to go to the movie to find out!Hide

Believe the hype, this movie is just what it claims to be. A chilly thriller that happens mostly in a flooded basement, it's very location-based, more Deep Blue Sea than Jaws - like Jurassic Park if they were a park full of crocodiles instead of dinosaurs. Efficiently acted by Kaya Scodelario with support from Barry Pepper.

You've probably seen your share of predatory-critter horrors that crank the silliness up to 11 and slide down to forgettably naff. Maybe you've seen some that take themselves too seriously and somehow come out more ridiculous. In Crawl, director Alexandre Aja flexes his ability to balance these genre poles: the laughs you're looking for come at the same time as (or maybe one second after) the gasps of shock. Enjoy!

Imagine JAWS with a Florida swamp full of sharks. Now imagine those Sharks are Alligators with an amazing knack for perfect horror / comedic timing. CRAWL is like an old school horror with modern day special effects and production values. A world with occupants that are fully aware they live in a place knee deep in gators, but for plot points and monster fodder let it slip their mind. Features a boat version of that Simpsons gag when Homer rolls out of a moving car and immediately rolls back in... More before falling off a cliff.Hide

So snakes on a plane you say, so Sharks in a Tornado you say, hmmm alligators in your house per se....well let's just say I had smugly cast my aspersions as to what type of movie this might be before well before arriving, especially as I had not seen or heard anything about the movie like you normally do before release date. Enter tickets in hand two cynical adults, wary of what might unfold...possibly at best a school night out with a few laughs at a far fetched story plot .

Opening scenes... More rolled in and already had me laughing at the subtle and ironic wit thrown in from the name of the swim team to the Jaws car mirror ornament without pushing the limits of corniness the likes of the Producer's previous cult classic movie Evil Dead. Refreshingly it also featured lead characters who have not been over exposed, but were happily familiar faces.

Things I have learnt from these type of movies is - Dumb people do what dumb people do and get eaten, quite simple! In fact you might be safer in this situation with more dumb people around. Logic says don't enter flood waters with known gators around, and know your predator - fact these things can leap 3/4 of their body length out of water so do not linger over hatches. And Never, I repeat NEVER try to save the beloved family pet or get distracted by your cell phone.

There comes a point in many a movie when the CGI or death defying feats become unbelievable and the plot can push the boundaries too far...but the adrenaline rush which had me at times pushed back in my seat with anticipation, gave reprieve to breathe and seriously only added to the charm and bought back that feeling of old school JAWS epicness.

The usual cold air pumped into the cinema we complain about most nights spent at the movies, now became the extra dimension experience - complimenting and contributing to the feeling like you were actually in the dank, dark crawl space whose title now made sense. The close up angles and under water swim shoots took you on a roller coaster ride at every point in the journey.

And final mental note damn I need to invest in some better shower doors, as my old doors fall off at the drop of a hat and might save your life one day as many death scenes occur in showers.

I don't recall leaving a movie for quite some time where we drove home for 15 minutes excitedly comparing notes on a movie which pleasantly surprised and and had us giggling a little bit like teenagers reliving moments of a film we felt a tad embarrassed to have enjoyed.Hide

BY serryx0 nobody

Loved how there was soo much action and the storyline got straight to the point! It was an awesome twist on a disaster movie. Was not predictable or too cliché, and the father daughter storyline was unique also.

Loved how dramatic the attacking scenes were! Surprised how they didn't lose any limbs completely, just a few nibbles here and there. Absolutely loved the strong female lead! She was a winner.

Great acting all around. Would definitely recommend this movie to friends.

Straightforward thriller CRAWL blew way past my expectations by delivering tight, tense scenes of attempting to escape nature's worst. Not a dull moment in the film. The alligators are extremely well rendered and the gore is not over the top, but believable. The crawlspace beneath the house is exactly right! I have seen a few of Aja's films, and CRAWL was the most terrifying. 5 stars.

You never know what you are going to get when it comes to creature feature horror, will it be suspenseful and frightening like Jaws or will it be a cheese fest like The Meg. I'm happy to say you get the best of both words here. Crawl was a ton of fun, once you get through the tired and true character development you will be treated to some of the most intense and high tension (pun intended, see Aja's back catalog) scenes since The Shallows or 27 Meters Down.

The actors deliver their best... More with what script the have, but shine when it comes to the action, I was right there panicking with them, gritting my teeth while they navigate the crawl space of their family home which has been invaded by alligators during a hurricane.

Crawl feels like an old school 80's horror plot with some beefed up new school effects, the CGI alligators look great, and there's enough gore to please all fans of horror. If you like what this movie says it is on the package then that's exactly what you are going to get.Hide

BY JessieNZ nobody

If you like thriller movies this is the one to watch. It keeps you on the edge of the seat most of the time. Kaya Scodelario did awesome job as lead actress.

BY Meg68 nobody

As good an example as this type of genre can produce. Laughter, nail-biting and jump factor! Action packed from start to finish and something for everyone! Great to be in a theatre where everyone seems to be enjoying the show!

BY Barny superstar

Last night I came to the realization I find people getting attacked by alligators strangely hilarious and satisfying.
The CGI and wind/rain effects where brilliant.

BY DJR lister

Definitely had the both is us on the edge of our seat, me and my partner. Very scary, it had the heart pumping, had us hooked from start to finish, very realistic CGI - impressive work on the special effects. Gruesome! recommending to friends!

Have you ever gone to the movies with someone who screams? I hadn't until this movie and wow I highly recommend this is a great movie to take them. Not only did I have the scare factor on the screen in front of me, but also in the seat next to me. With the right amount of gore and suspense, it's definitely a good watch...and if your friend scares the pants off you, you'll also have a good laugh.

BY Jamzee nobody

I went into this movie with relatively flat expectations, and I must admit they were slightly exceeded. I'm not sure if it was intentional but they managed to sneak in a lot of titanic quotes, and the most ill timed emotional reckoning scenes you will ever see in a horror movie about alligators in the basement.

The girl (whose name I forgot already) managed to be fearless and switched on at the same time as being a bimbo. Seeing boats floating around outside the window then being shocked she... More couldn't drive her car away when she set foot outside... While her father whose acting was better in the first 20 minutes of the movie (he was unconscious) managed to emotionally manipulate her without anyone noticing. Ie he didn't want to risk his own life swimming through alligator infested water to the boat so he convinced her because she placed second in her school swimming competition (at this stage the girl who placed first is probably gator food) that he believed in her and she should swim for it..... She fell for it and swam as fast as her mangled legs could carry her while he floated about in the safe zone like a bloodied cork! Then as the flooding neared the ceiling of the house and the alligators circled he thought its the perfect time for a big reminisce about how he deliberately didn't sell the house because it's a home, sentimental value, all I have to remember your mother by bla bla..... I'm pretty sure the house was too waterlogged to save by this point, and he was just plain dawdling around so I can see why his wife left him.

My favorite scene was when the girl channelled  her inner Jackie Chan and used some fierce acrobatics to trick and trap the gator in the shower box.. Yes that tempered glass will keep him in there.... The fact she didn't turn the shower head  on as a dick move really seems like a comedic opportunity missed.

All in all, I laughed at inappropriate times, I jumped more times than I care to mention and was guessing till the very end. The standard of this movie was quite complimentary to the dinner at Denny's that followed (I got the super bird sandwich)

I rate it 3 stars because that's how many stars of the movie really impressed me! (2 of the alligators and the dog)Hide

BY JamieA nobody

Disaster movies are a unique sub-genre of films that hardly ever stray from their basic outline - but that's also a key strength. You know what you're gonna get. A rollicking good time, with stuff going BOOM! Damsels in distress! cute but faithful pets helping those hapless humans! Minor characters being unceremoniously dispatched in a variety of imaginative ways! The list of redeeming features is endless.

How does this Gator-riffic chomp-fest rate on the disaster-meter? Pretty damn well.... More Kaya Scodelario & the vastly underrated Barry Pepper are more than effective as the daughter & dad caught up in over their heads with those opportunistic gators looking for some easy fresh 'ready to eat' meals. Peril lurks at every turn! Help arrives - but gets EATEN! But, with grit and dogged determination, our duo battle mother nature - as only you can in a disaster movie - and fight those snarky gators in a variety of imaginative ways.

To best enjoy CRAWL, park your brain outside before entering the multiplex, sit back with a refreshing RTD (Either a JB or a JD) and howl in delight at the onscreen mayhem! Thankfully too, its a nice short and sweet 87 minutes long.Hide

BY ritchell nobody

A cheap thrill filled with suspense, blood, terror, childhood flashbacks (i questioned my very own swimming relationship with my parents after this preview .... would I still race a gator HELL NO), a loving relationship between dad and daughter, scary giant gators, a courageous loyal dog, stupidity from its leading actors (seriously why would one decide to cross a surface area filled with gators and a jetty that has broken .... higher ground people!), hide into your chair or jacket moments and... More a great cardio workout .... CRAWL is the movie to see! Disclaimer: if you don't deal with blood, people being ripped apart, broken bones very well you should probably pass on this film. Thanks Flicks for a great night out xHide

That's almost always the question when one watches a horror flick. Almost always one knows what's happening around the corner. Setups that are true and tested are re-hashed yet you still jump a little out of your seat or laugh at a particularly gruesome killing. So Crawl does entertain rather then re-invent the wheel. It does look gorgeous yet it's not something you could sell as a painting. Either way, I had fun. My mate had fun. There was no thinking about what the movie meant. We just had... More fun for 90 minutes and you have to decide whether this is worth the price of admission.Hide

The most important
thing about this film is that
Sugar survives, yay!

BY elle99 nobody

Yikes! This movie had the perfect build-up and the character relationships were really good! From the start of the film, the audience feels a sense of unease that only escalates and escalates and we only truly feel at peace right at the end of the film... Barely! The ideas, story, and tensions have been toyed with in the horror genre before, but the realism and the frantic built up by the lead performers have the audience jittery till the end! Special Fx was brilliant and left you feeling a bit... More queasy! Overall, this gory blood fest had the perfect amount of teeth, blood, and panic that you would expect! If you want to escape into a nightmare for a couple of hours, CRAWL should definitely be on your watchlist!Hide

BY mcab nobody

Went to a preview screening, thanks to Flicks! Some early jump scares got me, and that's unusual, so I didn't find it totally predictable. It got more so further in. The acting was solid, and the gators really well done. More humor would have elevated it another level. I'm not talking about making it "Gatornado", but it takes itself quite seriously.

BY Richardn wannabe

From the stress caused by not knowing where under the water the gators are (hinted at by ripples and floating debris moving), through the pressure created by the rapidly rising water, to their the frantic struggle against nature when the levee breaks, our two protagonists battle not only massive, hungry, angry gators, but some of the most powerful forces of nature in their efforts to escape a death-trap partly of their own making.

Suitably jump-in-your-seat scary, with little humour to... More alleviate the steadily building tension, this movie ticks the horror-by-invincible-animal boxes perfectly. Of course, as you might hope / expect, the humans are more invincible ("apex predators"), but the path to survival is fraught with many chompings, the results of which are quite graphic, and an epic death-roll.

More than worth the time if you are into this genre of movie so make sure you don't miss it. But try not to crush your partner's fingers too hard when you do.Hide