Despicable Me 3D

Despicable Me 3D


This 3D animated comedy, from the writers of Horton Hears A Who, follows Gru (Steve Carell), an evil genius masterminding the biggest heist in history: to steal the moon. His wicked ways go unchecked as he plots and schemes from his lair and manages to steal several world landmarks. One day, however, he meets his match in three little orphan girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes, who just want him as their dad.

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Steve Carell provides the voice of Gru, a super-villain who is neither as ‘super’ nor as ‘villainous’ as he used to be. Looking like a sprightly version of Danny DeVito’s Penguin (from Batman Returns), he spends his days plotting to do something more evil than anyone else. Enter, stage right, three cute little girls, who make it their mission to tame his megalomaniacal ideas and set him on the straight and narrow.... More

This light-hearted caper is brightly coloured and up-tempo, featuring plenty of cool gadgets and baddie-vs-baddie hijinks. It feels more rooted in the present than some other recent animated releases, particularly thanks to the jazzy urban soundtrack, provided in part by N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams.

There’s a street-smart savviness to everything, however, and by cribbing from many other movies, Despicable Me feels more of a spoof than a genuine tale. The hundreds of little yellow minions (some voiced by Jemaine Clement) are fun, but they’re really just different-looking versions of Madagascar’s penguins, or Toy Story’s squeeze toy aliens.

The post-climax finale is an obligatory disco dance-fest, with one of the minions providing DJ duties and Gru cutting loose. As much of the movie that proceeded it, it’s a little uninspired. But just because Despicable Me lacks originality doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. Your kids will have a good time – be prepared for a barrage of Gru quoting in the weeks ahead.Hide

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i loved it and im 17 and im a gangster but now im going to make a despicable me fan club

I am a retired lady and I went to see this movie and I was absolutely blown away WOW it was thoroughly enjoyable, must see it again, it is so clever, I loved all the charachters. DON'T MISS IT. Lovely to go to the movies and be entertained.

this flim is awesome

This was one of the best kids movies I've ever seen, ALMOST as good as Toy Story but nothing really comes close to Toy Story(: I recomend this movie fully, it's one of those movie's you can watch over and over and not get bored. I thought it was brilliant.
It says in the review that Jermaine Clement does the voice for some of the little yellow dudes but they just have like random funny voices and he's not mentioned in the credits?
Anyway, really good movie! Five stars!

aaah think i mite come down to sylvia park an watch the movie in 3d i can not wait

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  • The film is funny, energetic, teeth-gnashingly venomous and animated with an eye to exploiting the 3-D process with such sure-fire techniques as a visit to an amusement park. The sad thing, I am forced to report, is that the 3-D process produces a picture more dim than it should be. Full Review

  • It's not as dazzling as your average Pixar film, but fifDespicable Meltf is a fun, plucky movie, with its not-so-despicable heart in the right place. Guaranteed to entertain a wide range of ages. Full Review

  • The sort of animation used in Despicable Me perfected by Pixar, and used in dozens of movies over the past few years is a gift to film-makers. It manages to be so realistic at times that you can forget it isn't real. Full Review

  • Despicable doesn't measure up to Pixar at its best. Nonetheless, it's funny, clever and warmly animated with memorable characters. Full Review

  • The film throws so much ersatz cleverness and overdone emotion at the audience that we end up more worn out than entertained. Full Review

  • Despicable Me cannot be faulted for lack of trying. If anything, it tries much too hard, stuffing great gobs of second-rate action, secondhand humor and warmed-over sentiment into every nook and cranny of its relentlessly busy 3-D frames. Full Review

  • There's nothing like a little world domination to melt the most dastardly evildoer's heart. Since villains so often steal the show in animation, Despicable Me smartly turns the whole operation over to megalomaniacal rogue Gru. Full Review