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BY MariaC superstar

Some great actors rolled into a decent movie. Joaquin Phoenix is fantastic in these "based on true life" stories. He's fantastic everywhere he goes. The humour amongst the darkness showed there was light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend this for something against the norm, you'll leave laughing.

Very interesting quite moving also funny in an ironic sense. It shows the strength of individuals who can from the depths of disappear caused mainly by self abuse, the human spirit can rise over all challenges. Some may find a bit slow (my wife was one)….but the mix of humour keeps it moving a long.

BY stirpike nobody

Slow to start but increasingly engrossing as the main character began his journey through his problem filled life.Imbued with enough humour and quirkiness to stop it becoming saccharine ,the performances were excellent and real.

BY desoi grader

Our hero is a bit of a drunken everyman whose life gets crappier when a (drunken) car crash leaves him a paraplegic. We then take a slightly quirky but fairly standard ride-along to his AA meetings and new life in which we wish him well as he slowly gets his sh!t together through the medium of cartooning - these are good too in an edgy Far Side kind of way. He seems to have better luck scoring hot women after his accident than before if the movie is to be believed.

I found it very watchable... More and I genuinely wanted him to come out of it happy and healthy, which he does. Well worth your time and dollars.Hide

BY JamieA nobody

Movies with characters who are disabled usually scream 'Oscar-Click-bait' - for all the wrong reasons.but in this finely nuanced biography of cartoonist John Callaghan, Joaquin Phoenix and a career-best from perennial sideman Jonah Hill illuminate this story with absolute understatement and distinction. Not too bitter, non too sweet, the realistically depicted Eighties era sets the tone for one man's battle for the answers to his life's quest(ions).

If you normally avoid these types of... More movies, then reset your attitude - this excellent film reminds us of the talent both behind and onscreen, but rewards you with one of the best acted films this year. Highly recommended.Hide

Really enjoyed this one. Nice Balance of Bio with Comedy.

BY amc32 superstar

nice ensemble cast, well told story of redemption
pity the childhood was only seen in very very brief flashback - that could have been filled out a bit more

BY Michael17 superstar

Some scenes felt phoney and Rooney Mara was underused but apart from that I really liked this. Phoenix is fast becoming my favourite actor. Jack Black and Jonah Hill both prove they’ve got some chops. Top tier Van Sant IMO.