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BY JackWallace superstar


The pretentious, self-indulgent arthouse "Fifty Shades of Grey". If François Ozon's erotic thriller "Double Lover" was made by Americans, critics would slam it. But since it's French, the film is "deliciously twisted" or some rubbish like that.

Plenty of angry sex and nudity. There's strap-ons, a weird threesome, an unborn fetus bursting out of the mother's stomach, which reminded me of the chestburster scene from "Alien". The film opens with an extreme close up of... More female genitalia.

Despite its lurid content, "Double Lover" isn't trashy and entertaining enough to classify as a guilty pleasure. I didn't loathe it nor found myself particularly engaged in the story, which rarely goes completely off the rails. Stupid movie, would not recommend.Hide