Dredd 3D

Review: Dredd 3D

11 Oct 12

Old Stony Face Rocks.

Lets put aside the terrible previous attempt and a recent movie with a similar premise, and rate this for a viewer looking for an action movie. It is a bloody awesome action movie, and shows that 3d does not have to be annoying method of making you pay more for your movie.
Joe Dredd is brought to life in a most excellent manner, understated, dry, and exceedingly lethal.
It is just another day at work for him, another few wounds, and a few hundred more dead uncooperative perps.This movie is not an opus, has no meaning of life philosophy, it is a gory, explosive introduction to MegaCity 1- and it's number one law man.
The plot is fairly sound (ok one obvious hole) and linear, this keeps things brisk and ACTION PACKED. The budget is not huge, but the production is quality, and he main things work , that's Gun, the Bike, the Law.
Karl becomes Dredd, he emotes Dreddness, he says little, but manages to convey plenty with body posture and his big stubbly chin. It is brilliant acting with those constraints.
Go see it, in 3D.
It is choice.