Dredd 3D

Review: Dredd 3D

15 Oct 12

Taking your girlfriend who has a week constitution - sentence, three nights in the Iso-Cubes.

Essentially a futuristic/Westernised version of The Raid, Dredd delivers on some serious kickassery. With such a limited budget I imagine most of it was spent on the countless squibs and explosives yet, despite this, it doesn't skimp on the feel or depth behind the gore. Whilst it is viciously violent - a nice change from the muted action flicks of late, it does have some brilliant moments behind it. The real gems, other than the inspiring manliness oozing from the square jaw of Mr Dredd, come from the ingenious moments of high speed filming - after all, who doesn't like to watch a baddies face being shredded by a high velocity round in super slow-mo?
Verdict - All Kiiinds of Awesome