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BY HMJ lister

This is what JK Rowling does so very well. She take all the familiar elements, tropes stereotypes and weaves them together with charm and intelligence to tell her story.

Right along side the whimsical world of magic, the humorous touches, the standard romantic relationships, the hero/ine types is a thinly disguised history lesson that points straight at today's world.

I doubt many of the younger people in the audience would have recognized the reference to racism and American's segregation... More ,so-called, miscegenation laws. Nor would many have caught the direct references to the rise of fascism in Germany. As for Johnny Depp's chillingly likeable (at times) Grindelwald, a timely reminder that Hitler was a charismatic leader and inspiring public speaker. Here also, a tale of what happens when governments abuse their power and treat the people as the enemy. Driving the vulnerable straight into the waiting arms of evil.

Yet it's all here. Tied up with a pretty ribbon. Acted out intelligently by a first rate ensemble cast. A lesson on how very easy it is to slide into disaster. What happens if we don't watch those with power over us, those who would move us with fear and, above all, what happens when we don't watch ourselves.

As for the die-hard Potter-verse fans. This film has an abundance of references to the "future". Some obvious others for the detail obsessed who remember everything and always want more.

Contrary to some, I found this a strong stand alone movie as well as a brilliantly crafted second act. I was riveted throughout and left the theatre eager for more.Hide

BY PercyM superstar

It certainly has some spectacle and magic in it, but that doesn't compensate for its messy writing and mildly interesting, overly convoluted plot(s).

BY lionspaw lister

The movie carried on with all of the wonderful exhilaration, writing, characters, discoveries and pure magic that the first film, Potter films and books had. It was a dark film at times much like the Potter late-middle books. There were new and marvelous creatures and there special relationship to Newt ( Redmayne so good) was remarkable. Jude Laws was a marvelous Dumbledore reserved, humourous and powerful! I think the acting, as always was 90% superlative, wanting a bit more subtly from... More Credence perhaps, “is he always morose? Was delighted Depp held his power beautifully in this ensemble context. Will be back to see it again. NOT TO BE MISSED. Bring on the next!Hide

Sure there's a nice callback to the Philosopher's stone, but sadly this movie leaves too many stones unturned. Unlike the first FBAWTF film, this movie does not hold-up as a standalone narrative. Crammed with subplots, accessory characters, and some characters that are sadly just wasted, the crimes of Grindelwald seem like they've all been saved for the next movie this film is clearly leading up to. Great to see some of my favourite characters again from the first movie, and always love... More revisiting the world of Harry Potter and seeing the magic on-screen, but some of J.K. Rowling's novel-writing magic clearly got a bit lost in translation, with some frankly confusing character arcsHide