Final Destination 5 3D

Final Destination 5 3D


The latest in the long-running horror franchise (the second in 3D) promises fans a return to the darker tone of the original movie.... More

Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto, TV's Heroes) has a premonition of a bridge collapse that kills himself, his friends and many others. Later, events begin to mirror what he saw and he attempts to protect his pals - including Miles Fisher (TV's Mad Men) and Emma Bell (TV's The Walking Dead) - from Death's grip. But these people were supposed to die and what Death wants, Death gets.


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It's easier to enjoy a Final Destination sequel than a film from the similarly resilient and death-obsessed Saw franchise, as a sense of creative mischief undercuts all the violence here, while a sense of bland sadism drives the Saw films.... More

That said, the producers stated after the previous FD movie that they wanted to take the franchise back to its more serious roots for the next film on the reasoning that it had become too jokey. Thankfully, while this fifth entry features one of the series most squirm-inducing set pieces, it's just as light in tone as the previous three films and the most enjoyable since part two, unquestionably the series’ highpoint.

The set piece mentioned above involves laser eye surgery and had me holding my hands over my eyes for the first time since Natalie Portman did horrible things to her cuticles in Black Swan. The suspension bridge disaster is the best opening gambit since part two's motorway pile-up and a gymnastics routine features a notably awesome death scene.

An attempt to add a narrative flourish via the notion that you can suspend your own inevitable death by killing someone else doesn't go anywhere interesting but there's more attention paid to character and plot here than in the paper-thin part four. Leads Nicholas D'Agosto (Election) and Emma Bell (TV’s The Walking Dead) do their jobs without flair, while Tom Cruise-lookalike Miles Fisher is amusing as a cocksure alpha male losing his composure.

There's enough shallow fun in Final Destination 5 to justify yet another entry and it manages to tie into the first film in a moderately amusing way.Hide

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Movie was alright and the 3D was average . It was enjoyable enough however if there is another FD , i will be waiting for the DVD.

BY munchkin superstar

I like the premise of these storylines but the quality has gone a little bit with each passing film and when the first one came out it wasnt the greatest film to strat with they must be running out of storylines or producers have run out of ideas cause there an awful lot of remakes and turnout of already long running movie series

After the last film i had almost given up hope. Love and own the first 3 and went to this with low expectations. I loved it! If you like the others you know what you get. Huge opening set piece followed by disposable characters getting offed in gruesome inventive ways. Wont win awards for story but some great death scenes and a nice little twist at the end.The best since part 2.

BY Buket wannabe

The same as all the other films with the slight twist of 'if you kill someone you get all their years' It does well with building up the suspense but when the last film was called 'The Final Destination' you really have to start to wonder how long they're going to keep this up for

BY bigspendakev superstar

If you have seen any of the other Final destination movies you will know what your in for if not then is the plot someone has a premonition that something bad is going to happen to them and there freinds then that premonition comes true but they have avoided been killed or they think they have until a crazed serial killer hunts them down one by one only the serial killer is death itself wont be the last good movies if you like a scary movie thats not to scary.

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  • While FD5 is less generic and less facilely goofy and ironic than past series installments, it's still a rote execution of formula that scores its biggest points with self-aware references to its predecessors - including a closing-credits montage of kills from Final Destinations past. Full Review

  • They (fans) know what they enjoy. They don't want no damn movies with damn surprises. I am always pleased when moviegoers have a good time; perhaps they will return to a theater and someday see a good movie by accident, and it will start them thinking. Full Review

  • One stand-out set piece aside, even the presence of a new director can't inject much freshness into the franchise. Time for death to call in sick? Full Review

  • To borrow from TV terminology, the series hasn't jumped the shark yet, but the strain of inventing bizarre deaths is beginning to show. Full Review

  • FD 5 did not raise even a single goose bump - which for a movie that bills itself as horror is not a good thing. The camp factor, however, is high and makes the 95 minutes pretty much fly by. Full Review

  • A new wrinkle in how the killings spool out actually makes the film even more predictable, and the deaths, which tend to be squirmy rather than explosive, are so perfunctory and lazily jokey that they leave a decidedly bad aftertaste. Full Review

  • Director Stephen Quale’s witty kills are such a blast you may wish they hadn’t wrapped the series up so neatly. Full Review

  • This latest entry in the 11-year-old horror series duly adheres to tradition by providing inventively grisly demises for various characters. Full Review

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