For My Father's Kingdom

For My Father's Kingdom

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Documentary exploring the deep faith in God and in Tongan culture of co-director Vea Mafile'o's father, and what it means for their family. More

"'Misinale’ is the name of the fundraising campaign that calls on people in and from Tonga to raise money for the community. Although Saia has been living in New Zealand for many years, he is determined to adhere to this tradition. This is hard for his adult children to understand, because his donations mean that they are short of money for other things. A trip with their father to his homeland helps them better understand the Tongan way of life and accept that attitudes here are not always compatible with Western notions of efficiency. In long, dialogue-rich shots, this documentary explores how the church, Tongan culture and traditions can hold a family together but also be a burden. The film does not take sides, rather it gives its protagonists all the space they need to air smouldering conflicts and negotiate the price that intercultural dialogue demands." (Berlin International Film Festival)

2019Rating: M97 minsNew Zealand

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A moving piece of filmmaking, one that's intensely personal, but manages to explore universal themes along the way.

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