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BY Brian1 superstar

definitly worth seeing.
You do get the feeling you've seen it all before as this, another in a long line of teacher beats the system" films.
Again, based on fact Hilary Swank give a convincing performance. As do all the supporting actors, particularly the students.

Report Card:
Assignment: A film on a true-life American teacher who inspired her no-hoper class to achieve big-time, by making works like "Diary of Anne FRank" relevant to them and by inspiring them to write journals on their street-scarred lives - hence the "Freedom Writers"
Acting: Excellence. Hilary SWank is thoughtful, impassioned, touching - in short, amazing. And the support cast of mostly non-professionals give their hearts and souls too. Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake) turns up... More as an unhelpful Head of department.
Writing/ Directing: Merit. Sure, some of it is corny and sentimental, but it mostly feels genuine. Good structure, too, by plunging us into one student's journal before we even get our bearings.
Summary: Go see it - a mainstream film with some genunine passion. They don't come along very often.Hide