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BY amc32 superstar

i'm getting sick of Timberlake. he seems a bit ubiquitous lately...SNL, social network, in time, this.

however Mila Kunis is always good. almost as good here as she is on family guy.

BY Ken-Burns superstar

There were a few laughs. Justin Timberlake was an unlikeable character which is a good move for him. Mila was a spunk. Great soundtrack

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

What can I say. predictable plot - definately. But Mila's and Justins chemistry reazlly sold it to me, as well as the fresh dialouge which definately made made laugh out loud at some stages. So yeah, worth a watch, and if you liked "no strings attached" you will love this one. Predictable though. But great!

BY morgana1972 superstar

Justin & Mila work well in this movie as a couple with everything that goes on in their world they grow together as friends & apart when she has to push him away, He wont hear of it & tries everything to get back with her....

BY PhilMoore superstar

This movie was about Jamie played by Mila Kunis and Dylan played by Justin Timberlake who meet when Dylan is looking for a job in New ork and Jamie is a head hunter helps him through the interview process. They decide to have sex with no complications. Just friends. This film has so many pop culture references its crazy. It also has all the cliches of a rom com. Having said that it was without a doubt one of the best rom com's of the year maybe of the last decade

BY Whitney lister

I found this light-hearted movie very entertaining and reminded me of something I had when I was in my late teens. Great movie for a laugh and a bit of of a rom-com!

BY TTWhaiti lister

some funny bits but not that great, wait for the video

BY Aidan1 superstar

This movie was really funny i was very surprised with the movie. Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake have great chemstry and are very funny. I would recomend it to anyone that likes Romantic Comedies.

There wasn't too much analysis and ice cream eating by the woman so I didn't categorise it as a chick flick, but put it in the rom com category instead.

Good enjoyable, lighthearted, feelgood comedy with reasonable one-liners and some different characters for variety. Woody Harrelson is particularly funny if a little over the top. But then NY folks are all portrayed as a little aggressive, impulsive & over the top in the movie. Mila's on-screen mum is a free-loving hippy who I thought... More she was a tad too young to have come from the generation she was portraying.

The combination of Justin & Mila's stunning bods will please the whole audience, unless you have a fatty fetish.

And finally, the typical mushy ending even if they didn't use mushy words.Hide

BY Tania1 lister

As above seen very similar movie earlier in the year