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I liked it! I went into the theatre expecting a lot of shooting and not much else, I got the shooting AND some real fancy camera shots and enough pace to keep me interested all the way through! Brolin is real good and Gosling is excellent as always!

In 'Gangster Squad', director Ruben Fleischer ('Zombieland') doesn't so much pay homage to Brian de Palma's The Untouchables' (1987) as rip it off wholesale. But where de Palma's movie was a loving homage and a brutal updating of the Warner gangster flicks of old, 'Gangster Squad' is a far less complex affair.

Bad guy (an over-the-top and overly made-up Sean Penn) must be stopped by the good guys - led by chisel-chinned shotgun-wielding boy scout, Josh Brolin. At the behest of his boss (a... More grizzled and growling Nick Nolte), Brolin sets up a squad of vigilante cops to bring down the bad guy. The movie pretty much follows 'The Untouchables' plot, minus de Palma's Hitchcockian cinematic flair, and is a pretty two-dimensional, straightforward, morally black and white, affair. That said, it's hugely enjoyable macho, gun-toting, good vs. bad, popcorn crunching fun.

There's a nod to feminism with the character of Brolin's intelligent and understanding wife, but at heart 'Gangster Squad' is a boys own adventure with little for the ladies to do but play supportive stay-at-home wives or glamourous gangsters' molls. Ryan Gosling squeaks with an annoyingly high-pitched voice and some pretty naff sub-Bogart dialogue; Emma Stone makes a sultry red-headed temptress and Penn doesn't so much chew the scenery as swallow it whole in greedy gulps, barely pausing for breath. But the movie belongs to Brolin, who plays the straight-laced, no-nonsense good guy cop with the determined resolution of a bulldog set on tearing apart a tennis ball.

'Gangster Squad' suffers from delusions of grandeur, convinced it's 'The Untouchables' for a new generation. Whilst it's undeniably entertaining while it lasts, it stays too close to de Palma's 'Untouchables' to ever come out from the long shadow cast by Costner, Connery and De Niro's far superior movie.Hide

BY JackWallace superstar

Gangster Squad isn't anything extraordinary, but there's still lots of fun to be had. The cast is excellent. Sean Penn, one of the best reasons to see this, plays Mickey Cohen, the most feared gangster in Los Angeles. Josh Brolin also nails it as Sgt. John O'Mara, an honest cop who gathers a team to stop Mickey Cohen's crime wave and bring justice. I love Ryan Gosling and I can wait to see him in The Place Beyond the Pines. Gosling plays himself as Sgt. Jerry Wooters, a member of the gangster... More squad and friend of John O'Mara, having an affair with Cohen's wife, Grace Faraday, played by Emma Stone. It's a shame Emma Stone's character is underused. There's a lot of action and style that will appeal to the guys. Ryan Gosling will attract female audiences, but they may find the gratuitous violence off-putting. This is nowhere near as bad as Rotten Tomatoes says it is. Sure it isn't greater that other superior crime films like L.A. Confidential and The Departed. Gangster Squad is stylish, ultra-violent and very entertaining.Hide

So I went to this movie expecting the worst and I have to say it really wasn't that bad.
Josh is a bad ass.
Emma is hot.
Ryan is hot.
Sean is maybe a bit too Dick Tracy.
Mireille is the same as she was in The Killing,
and the rest of the cast were cool.

Its not on the same level as the great gangster films of yester-year but its a more than ok action blockbuster.....more like a Boardwalk Empire styled movie than a Scarface-esque epic.

This movie won't be as good on a small screen so spend a... More buck and go see some Hot and Cool people doing some acting in your favorite cinema.

This is not the worst movie you will see this year....not by a long shot.Hide

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

Loved the script loved the casting loved the costumes loved the special effects. Was expecting more gore and expecting an ending that was less cheesy but all in all I loved it and wish there was more gangster movies made, much more often!

***1.5 out of 5***

Wow...what the hell did I just watch? Not only does Gangster Squad leave you questioning exactly what type of film it wants to be, but its also ends up being a pretty damn appauling and very disappointing film. The thing I'm hearing a lot so far is 'it looked great, it really looked like 1949". OK, yes I agree the details from the costumes to the set design to the cars and various other props were as spot on as possible. If you stared at an screenshot from the film, you'd... More think they've really done wonders here, but thats not possible when the film has absolutely no feel for the era at all. It felt timeless, but not in a good way. If I'm expected to be thrown head first into this stylistic world, I need to feel drenched in the atmosphere, the style, the sass, but all the film did was force violent style at every turn that felt wildly out of place and never once did I feel the focus required for such a detailed world. Sure it had its humor and the cast have their moments, but what exactly was this film trying to be? A loose, funny pisstake of the genre or a serious, balls-out gangster flick? Either way it fails on both accounts and a lot of it is down to the abysmal script. Right from the opening frames I was taking out of the film. Mickey Cohen, the villain of the piece, is layed out as flat as can be with no unique qualities of his own to really make him menacing and a striking individual to cower under. The writer just takes outlines from Mafia 101 and rolls with them. From there the script only gets worse, darting around undeveloped characters through patchy scene after patchy scene and finishes it all off with some truly awful dialogue that tries to be sassy, funny talk, but flops hard. I just don't want to go into where the film ends up, but it left me quite angry leaving the theater (even worse with the closing cheesy montage of 'where are we now' with the cardboard cutout message repeated in voiceover). This film had great promise of being on one of two paths, either a silly, creative and funny comedic take on the genre or a hard-arsed gangster flick and it fails at both. It just flops around on the screen and dies out quickly.Hide

BY RealityCheck superstar

Gangster Squad
Very graphic and surprisingly like 'Avengers' in the begining on the recruitment drive. Wonderful actors Josh Brolin - the guy that played the young Tommy Lee Jones in MIB3 as the Squad leader, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, all played well and the 1949 sets, cars, dress were amazing, I felt this really put you in the scene. Liked the fast paced action and time moved well through this feature, like original 'Dragnet' only the story was very easy to predict, good guys win with... More collateral damage.
Genre : action, crime, love story, drama
3/5 : a good watch and I fully liked it, even with the one liners, I just couldnt work out weather this was meant to make it serious or comicalHide