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BY thorinoak superstar

Godzilla has all the qualities a summer blockbluster needs. Stunning CGI, fantastic action sequences, and an epic, climatic battle. But Godzilla stumbles in that it takes itself way too seriously, sucking the fun right out of what should be a really fun film, it's about a giant lizard for goodness sake. Also the heart of this film seems to have been ripped out, as you don't really seem to care about the human characters in the end. Beautiful looking film, but lacking fun and heart, the key... More ingredients of a brilliant summer blockbuster.Hide

BY JackWallace superstar

The new Godzilla reboot is a hugely entertaining and spectacular blockbuster epic. The story focuses more on the human characters than the monster himself. Godzilla stars a talented group of actors. Bryan Cranston's small amount of screen time is disappointing, but his performance is excellent as Joe Brody, the scientist ignored after warning everyone that a giant dinosaur will rise from the ocean and send mankind back to the stone age. Aaron-Taylor Johnson's character Ford Brody, the military... More soldier fighting to kill the beasts destroying the world, is rather conventional but a good protagonist nonetheless. Godzilla has been criticized for not having enough Godzilla. There's a satisfying amount of Godzilla in the movie. Too much would make the action less rewarding. Godzilla is a thrilling cinematic experience worth the extra for 3D.Hide

BY Zamm superstar

I like the way Godzilla was portrayed in this movie. There was a reason for all the destruction he caused - he definitely leveled the playing field and allowed humanity to remain as the dominant species. I liked the performance of Bryan Cranston - he was intense and tormented. I feel dissatisfied with the role they gave Ken Watanabe as Dr. Daisuke Serizawawas who was more like a "bland-flavour-enhancer" to try to be more in-tuned with the Japanese version of Godzilla in this movie. They could... More have given more punch to his role. In any case, I'm still pretty pleased with the movie - overall.Hide

Well worth the current hype and works far beyond the monster movie genre. Edwards has made a movie of uncommon beauty and fragility. The quiet scenes on the bridge just before the train wreck and the 'point of view" parachute jump through the clouds into the city were superb....worth admission price alone - and we paid Imax prices :) cast are adequate (though not sure what possessed Juliette Binnoche to take such a tiny role), but who really cares when the creatures are what they went for...and... More they are truly amazingly brought to life (Weta again?). Please don't let the studios make a sequel unless Edwards is at the helm again. Beauty and Monsters.....who thought it?Hide

Great movie and very entertaining, worth the bucks and time to watch it on the massive screen as he is massive.

BY delarge101 superstar

Godzilla was very entertaining. It was a rather spooky, and I'm glad Godzilla was treated like a monster, not an animal. The trailer was full of dark and creepy elements, and this is exactly what the film's about. You get what you're expecting in the sense that there's a huge monster destroying everything it sees, but there was a lot of unexpected suspense.